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“what am I falling into?


Lilly,why are you so wicked!


I exclaim as I fall on the last stairs on the 4th elevator. I fell on my limbs,it was damn painful.


Lilly showed her face.


“you’re lucky it was not your spinal cord.Next time,I won’t spare you” she glared and push me further with a kick.At that point,my hands were soo weak, a part of it had a scratch with little scratch.


“Lilly why are you so desperate? do you ever know what it means to be in between the woods? I asked her and stood up.


“I’m not in between the woods,not even for a minute” she shrugged.


“I know.Of course, you’re pretty,a celebrity who gets away with whatever she does.I guess fighting you is just a waste of time because even if am right,you’re gonna use your power to put me in the wrong….


Fighting you is a waste of time,I have a lot of important things to do” I told her and use my cloth to cover where I had injuries..


Even my phone was damaged.The screen had broken into pieces,every thing was just scattered on the floor.


I’m not sure the phone can not make a call nor receive.


I was lost at the sight of the expensive spoilt phone.


How will I get another one??



“You this stupid thing,I won’t warn you again.Stop dreaming as if the world is yours because you’re not worth it.You’re a begger who only had the chance to be in dice high.


Ask me how?????


because you charmed Mrs Claudia because you’re a witch!!!!


You charmed that wealthy woman into liking you so that she would pay your fee.What else can the daughter of a middle class widow offer????? Beggars!!!!!!


Lilly said,then walk out.


She stopped halfway.


“if care is not taken,I will leak out your identity. You know what it means~~Death” she said.


“Death is meant for commoners,I’m not a commoner,you just said it that am a middle class” I replied.


“Smart” she smirks….


“whatever…. since it’s not your mom that is paying your fee,you will be classified


as a commoner!!


“what difference does it makes???


“Beggar!!!! Bloody bitch!!!


Lilly rolled her eyeballs and walk away.


I bent down and packed the parts of my phone,the ones I could gather.


She can say whatever she wants to me,all I know is that am not a witch,I don’t look like one and am not a beggar because I don’t beg for food. Even if am a beggar,I deserve respect to some level so far I didn’t steal.


I packed the parts of my phone and went ahead to join Dora in the car.


“you’re following me to the mall” Dora said.


“No,my work starts in the next 45min. Maybe some other time” I replied.


she smiled and returned royal’s credit card to me.


Do not return it to him,


he dash it out to you” Dora said.


I smiled shyly and collected the card.


She dropped me in front of Royal’s mansion through my direction.


“thanks” I told her and got off her car.


I didn’t even stand much,


the securities open up.


I entered after I was scanned.


No one was home,it was damn quiet.


I guess I had nothing to do because everywhere was clean.


I enter my temporary room and laid on the bed.I still don’t know how to arrange a new phone.Opening my save box is not an option.My savings is meant for something very important,not for buying phones and fansy things.


I can’t possibly use Royal’s credit card..who knows if he kept it there by mistake.


My mind told me to make use of the landline to order a small phone since the guard that brought me here said I can’t order anything I want. I took the landline and dialed the code for ordering.


Someone speaks,


Hi,we are been responsive,we will get back to you sooner or later” the voice rushed words.


The landline went off.


Not quiet long,it rang back.


it was the code I dialed that. called back.



PPP…please place your order patiently” the voice sounds calm this time around.


“any small phone” I replied.


“small phone?? the voice giggled.


“yeah,anything simple and not too expensive” I replied.


They hung up.


I breathed out and brush my hair backwards.I went into the washroom to clean up where I have injuries.


Too bad,wounds


and marks do stay long on my skin before erasing no matter the amount ointment I apply on the surface.


My skin is so soft,I should expect it.


I soaked a napkin and use it to wipe the surface of the wound. one is on my elbow,


another on my thigh.


Lilly really injure me.


I kept the napkin back and went downstairs,imaging how a person will be so comfortable living in this big place.


The glass door beeped some sounds,


I walk close to it,not knowing what to press.The door was so secured,it doesn’t have a knob at all.


Miss Krishna right,


“kindly reach the door remote and press open.You already place the door on a smart lock.Opening might be difficult” the delivery guy said by sealing his head on the sea blue glass door.


Where’s the remote??


I looked around.


This is not my house.How am I expected to know where the remote control for the door is?


“Better still,make a long press an the green button” he said.


I did that so easily,the door opened.


I collect the box.


The guy purposely brush his hands into mine.


“you’re pretty” he flattered..


“you’re his sister right? he asked


I didn’t answer him,I shut the door back and took the delivery box upstairs,it was exactly what I wanted. A small phone….


Lilly already broke the latest phone Mrs Claudia got for me. I don’t have a hope of getting another one.


I better manage this one for the main time.


I smiled and laid on the pillow,


I wanted to sleep but I can’t,


simply because this is not my house.




Eliot’s p.o.v


“where did I ever keep the contract file between me and Han Cheng.?


Royal said while perambulating around the studio while I help him search for it.


One of the main things why I don’t like keeping things.To find it back will be damn difficult” he said and glanced at where I was searching.


It’s certain he wants to help me out in searching for it.Unlike Romeo who would just seat and order his fellow humans around like they where piece of trash.


“You don’t have to stress yourself,we will find it” I said to him but he never sat down.He still gave my respect to me despite I’m working under him. Another reason why I like the man and spirit in him…


One minute,he acts like the rich,


another minute,he acts like the poor and both suit him perfectly.


I’m sure he won’t sit till we find the contract card.


“are you tired of searching?


he asked me,very fluent and dip his hands into his hair.


“Annoying!!! he said and tied his black bandana cutely on his neck.


Dear Royal,I think you and swags are blood brothers unlike Romeo whom you call brother! I said in my mind and watch his white hair moved in a spiky motion.


He snapped his fingers cutely.


“Ely,I kept in luxurious mansion. I just hope Romeo won’t steal it” he said and hijack his car key from my hands like we’ve known each other for long. “thanks for the search” he said.


I bowed and watch him pick his ringing phone.


“Not coming anymore,some other times” he replied quickly and hung up.


He went out,his guards rushed him.


I followed the suite and joined him in his car.


Two cars moved out first,


his car followed,


then a last car filled with four guards.


“Ely,tell the guards to stay outside while I go get the contract files where I kept it” he said.


I nodded and did what he said.


I followed him because I don’t trust Romeo a bit.


Mrs Sugar wasn’t in.


Romeo was sitting on one of the white couch with a glass of wine in his hand.


“Good evening,brother”


Royal greeted Romeo with a humbly.


Romeo didn’t reply.He acted as of no one was talking to him.


Royal rushed up the stairs to get the contract files that worth much money. He would have left it if it’s a little money.His expression showed that the money wasn’t something to loose.


Romeo faced me immediately royal went upstairs.


“what’s the latest news about him? I held he took up the responsibilities by doing much of the brainwork meant for our team in general. He was awardesmd.What was he awarded?? and I heard he is currently building an expensive boat in his name”


Romeo asked rudely.I wonder how he get to know.


“he didn’t discuss it with me,I think it’s per


sonal to him” I replied.


“Fools!!! Romeo retorts.


Just then,Royal came downstairs with a sad countenance.



“Brother did you find my contract file? it is white in color.My name was inscribed on it.The worth is 8.9billion rupee notes.Did you perhaps find it? Royal asked Romeo,patiently.


“when did I turn into your house keeper? do I look like a guard to you? Romeo asked back.


“Seriously?? Royal asked.


“For real” Romeo replied.


“Okay,did you find my new song script that was titled “beautiful Love” Royal asked.


“Roy,you’re passing your boundaries!


How dare you call me a thief??


You this bastard,get out of my sight”


Romeo shouted.


“Did you find my contract file and sing script?” is a simple question that attract a yes or a no. is that hard to grab?? Royal asked,visible anger in his voice.



ask me,ask me


bitch,you man


bitch you again,you man


Romeo hummed a rap song loudly, using that as an insult on Royal.


“Reporting you looks childish,you gotta act matured at some levels” Royal replied.


“Bastard” Romeo said.


“I forgive you in this one again. I promise I won’t forgive in the next one” Royal replied,matured and with superiority.


Just then, Mrs suga came in with two maids behind her.


“welcome mom”


Royal greeted and quickly hide his pains.


“You gotta warn this bastard you call a son…how dare him call me a thief?


Romeo nagged..


Mrs sugar went wild and stared at Royal in a look I can’t really interpret.


“You called your brother a thief”


she said.The purse she was holding fell off her hand..


“Because the power is about to get into your hands,you now have full guts….”


“I did not.He is my brother, how will I call him a thief? Royal replied…


while looking down…


He is really hot tempered and am sure he’s trying his best not to inflict out his


anger. if he should start,no one can hold him.


“Apologize to Romeo!!!


Mrs suga said.


Royal raised his head….and look at Mrs Suga with some emotions.


Even Mrs Sugar looked away.


“Apologize to Romeo”


Mrs sugar said again……..


Royal scoffed and untie his bandana.


“Apologize!! Mrs suga said again.


“For what???? He should be the one apologizing to me instead.


I’m a soon to be president right.


Okay,if you don’t know,


I will tell you now,


President don’t apologize. ……


He can have my contract file and song script…..


I will dash it out to him by playing the role of a matured mind …..


It’s just for a while,he will soon spend the money finish.Thank goodness I have 50folds of it!!!!


Royal scoffed sweetly.


He did what he has never done before by walking out on Mrs suga.


“Royal!!!!! Mrs suga shouted.


He didn’t wait.


He slam the door angrily and left.






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beautiful love song


( Krishna )





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