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Episode 28



Abena stood up quickly from her bed. She heard the front door of the house open and someone walked in. She checked the time. It was almost twelve a.m. And it couldn’t be Tobi, he was coming in two days.


She got a golf club that she had ‘borrowed’ from Tobi’s study and tiptoed out of her room and down the stairs. It was still dark, but the person was putting some things down on the kitchen island.


“Freeze, or I swear, I’ll make sure I’ll make


sure you never have children again.” She


threatened in a shaky voice.


“Baby. You’re already having my children, and is this the way to treat someone who has been away for almost a week?”




“Yeah? When am I getting my welcoming hug?”


She let out a sigh of relief and laughed, walking over to the wall to switch on the light. There he was in all his glory, wearing


a white shirt and sweatpants, smirking at




“Well?” He opened his arms and she rolled her eyes before going into them, inhaling his familiar scent.


“What did you bring for me?” She asked as soon as he released her.


“Apart from my awesome self, chocolates mostly. They’re in the fridge. And we’re going for a boat trip tomorrow.”


“Yay! Chocolate. Wait, a boat trip?” She


asked, walking over to the fridge.


“Yeah. I owe you one remember, for putting up with my mum. And if I brought something like clothes and jewellery, you would have killed me.” He joked.


“True.” She said, taking a big bite out of a chocolate bar. She let out a satisfied m0an and rested on the fridge.


Tobi looked at her, and gave an amused smile. “You shouldn’t make sounds like that.


Or you would end up giving me more than a


welcoming hug.”



The week went by quickly. They had gone on his private yatch, though Abena wasn’t surprised that he owned one.


The week ended with another visit at the


hospital, and Abena found out something


about the baby.



Abena let out a sigh and stared at the


mirror. “Hey. Welcome home. I made dinner,



your favorite, Spaghetti Bolognese. Go and freshen up so we can eat.” She repeated to herself.


She jumped at the sound of Tobi entering


the house.


“Abena. Hey, I’m home.” He grinned,


loosening his tie.


“Hey. Welcome home. I made dinner, your favorite, Spaghetti Bolognese. Go and freshen up so we can eat.” She said immediately, saying everything she had practised, sounding like she was a recorded voice.


He lifted an eyebrow in confusion but




As long as he was getting free food, and his favorite too.


They sat down in awkward silence, the only sounds that could be heard was the sound of the cutlery against the plates.


“Abena. What’s wrong?” He finally asked.


“I went to the hospital today-”


“Oh my God. Are you okay? Is the baby okay? What did the doctor say? I should have called him today, I totally forgot. I should probably go call him now. Oh Abena, I really hope you’re okay, if you aren’t-” “There are two babies!” She blurted out. “What?” He asked in confusion.


“Two babies. I’m having twins.” She said slowly. Recommend you to download Topster Stories App for Exclusive Access To Erotic and Romantic stories


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A grin spread across his face. “Yes!” He



shouted, pumping his fists in the air. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I said it! I’m a sharp shooter baby! I’ve got to call Joseph, and Mama would be so happy. Oh this is amazing Abena.”


“I want to keep one.” She said and immediately, the grin on his face vanished. He stared at her, anger bubbling slowly inside him.


“Excuse me?”


“I said, I want to keep-”


“I heard what you said, dammit!” Tobi roared, slamming his fists on the table making her to jump in surprise. The plates jumped too, food spilling on the table, but that was the least of their problems.

“No. You can’t. That’s breach of contract.”


He said, leaning on his chair, trying to be




“The contract says that I’m giving Tobi Ademi a baby, not babies. So you’re only entitled to one baby.” She pointed out and he glared at her, glared at her for being so right.


“It’s about the money shay. Fine. I’ll give you another twenty million naira for the other baby.”


“It’s not about the money.” She snapped. “Then what is it then? Why do you suddenly want to take the child? You and I know that you can’t take care of a child, you can barely take care of yourself. Taking care of



a child requires a lot of money Abena. You have medial bills, school fees, house rent, and all of that stuff. You think I don’t know, all the money I pay to you, you don’t have a dime left.”


Her breath hitched.


“I don’t care where your money is going, but my child isn’t going with it. You can’t separate my children, especially when you don’t have any money to take care of them.”


He finished, looking her straight in the eyes, her teary eyes.


“But I’m their mother too.” She said quietly.


“No!” He stood up angrily, and pointed a finger at her accusingly. “You are not their mother. You’re the carrier, an incubator . This is what you were paid to do.”


She flinched at his words.


“Don’t get your role twisted. And mark my words, I would take both my children.” He said, storming out of the room.


He then walked back in, took his plate of food, added another piece of chicken to his plate, and stormed out, muttering some things incoherently. Although he was extremely angry, a part of him was filled with regret.


He wished he could take back the words he said. But he couldn’t.



The next morning, Abena stood by the blender, making herself a smoothie. She had turned it off, then Tobi walked in, and opened the fridge. He took out a bottle of water and began to gulp it down when his phone started to ring.


He answered the call. “Hello?”


Abena then turned on the blender, really loud, then he started to shout over the phone. After his call, she turned it off and gave him an innocent smile.


“What the hell was that?” He asked.




“If you think immaturity is going to get you to win, you must be mistaken. You have forgotten that I’m Tobi Ademi. I get what I want, no matter the cost.” He warned and stepped out of the house.



“What do you mean by she’s right?”


“I’ve checked the whole contract Tobi.


Twice! There’s not one part that says


‘babies’, everything says ‘baby’.” Joseph




Tobi had gone to his house since he couldn’t go to his office, and explained the problem to him.


“For the love of God, you’re my lawyer. You didn’t even think of that?” Tobi snapped. “Well how was I supposed to know that the girl was that fertile?” Joseph shot back.



“I don’t know! At least it was a possibility. You should’ve thought about it.” Tobi shouted.


To be Continued…










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