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Episode 27



“What would I be doing in Canada? Abeg, I’m staying home.” She said nonchalantly, although she really didn’t want him to go.


“Are you sure? The hotel room is really cozy.” Tobi wiggled his eyebrows and her


jaw dropped.


“Tobi! Ew. We’re eating.” She laughed.


“I could provide desert.” He joked.


“Oh Jesus!”



“Remember to lock the doors every time. Don’t leave lights on when you’re not using them in case of anything like a high current. Don’t sleep off when you’re cooking. Don’t move furniture. Don’t over work yourself. I’ve instructed one of my guys to come over everyday and check on you. Chinwe would still come to cook and clean. No running down the stairs. Keep the house tidy. Don’t do anything stupid-”


“Abeg be going to where you’re going jare.”


Abena cut him off, slightly amused.


“I just want to make sure you’ll be okay.” He sighed and looked at her.


“I’ll be fine. I can take care of myself.” She replied, a small smile on her lips.


“Be careful. You’re the only one at home. Don’t slip and fall or anything, you know how clumsy you can be.” Tobi said quietly. “Excuse me?” She feigned annoyance, placing her hands on her hips.


“It’s not too late to join me. Its a private


jet.” He offered.


She was so tempted to say yes.


“Just get going. The faster you leave, the


faster you come back home.”




He didn’t seem to notice her choice of


words. And if he did, he didn’t seem to




“Yes ma’am. Cook for me when I get back.” He said.


“Get me Canadian stuff.” She replied and he laughed. He pulled her into a hug and she relaxed in his arms, inhaling his scent.


“I know you”ll miss me.” He joked as he pulled away, about to head for his car. “What can I say? You’re growing on me.” She gave a cheekily smile and watched him get into his car and drive away.


She walked back into the large house and


suddenly, if felt too big.


Too empty.



Abena spent her days decorating the nursery with the interior decorator, or hanging out with Dera, trying to pass the time so that the week would go quickly. She missed Tobi, no doubt. And instead of her feelings to start diminishing, as she planned, instead, it seemed to be the same. Or even worse.




She had given the interior decorator the day off, because the woman needed to sort out a family issue, so it was just her and the sound of the television drowning the silence. She surfed through the channels, not finding anything to watch. She heard the door bell ring and lifted an eyebrow.


She looked at the clock, 12pm, it was the


time that the interior decorator normally




Didn’t she get the text?


She walked up to the door and opened it. “Uju, I sent you a text. Didnt you recieve-” Standing before her wasn’t Uju, it was a slim model like lady glaring at Abena, or more specifically, Abena’s stomach. She


wore a body con dress that was too short for her, and she shifted uncomfortably in the dress, meaning it was also too tight.


Trying too hard?


“And you are?” The woman asked rudely. “I should be asking you that question.” Abena replied, not ready to take any insult that would come her way.


“I’m here to see Tobi.” She said.


“Hes not around. He went for a business trip. Come back in like, four days.” Abena replied.


“And who are you? His baby mama?” She asked angrily.


“Nope.” Abena replied, popping the ‘p’. “Just a friend. Watching his house while he is gone.”


“I don’t believe you.” The woman sneered.


“I don’t care.” Abena shrugged. “Now are you going to leave a message, or are you


going to keep on wasting my time?” “Tell him Eniola came by.” She said. “Will do.” Abena said and moved to close the door but Eniola stopped her, and glared


at her.


“Listen, whoever you think you are. Tobi is my man. We’re going to get married. And if I find out, that a low life like you, is taking him away… I would show you pepper.” She threatened.


“I have a show to watch, and I can’t miss it because a desperate idiot is threatening me over a guy she doesn’t own. Please move so I can close the door.” Abena replied and slammed the door in her face, letting her anger out on the door.



Abena’s sleep was interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. She checked the time, it was past two a.m.


Grumbling to herself, she reached for her phone on the bedside table. She squinted at the caller ID, it was Tobi.


She smiled in spite of her self and answered the call.


“Hey, are you awake?” She heard his husky voice ask. She missed that voice.


“No. I’m picking beans.” She replied dryly. “Of course yes I’m sleeping you idiot. Its past two in the morning, what else would I be doing?”


His laugher floated from the phone and she rolled her eyes. “Sorry. I haven’t been able to call, so I decided to make out time this



evening. I’m almost done with the contract, then I’ll come home.”


“How are you doing?” She asked.


“I should be asking you that. Are you


alright?” He replied.


“I’m fine. Just sleepy.” She yawned.


“Sorry.” He laughed.


“No biggie. You should see the nursery. Its half done, but I like how it’s coming so far.” She said.


“I’ll see it when I come home.” He replied.


She bit her lower lip. Should she tell him


about Eniola?


“Yeah you would.” She said quietly.


She really didn’t want to tell him about her.


“I’ve missed you Abena. And your cooking.


I’m getting used to it.” He chuckled.


“Well I don’t think I’ve missed you much.” She joked.


“Way to ruin the moment. You couldn’t just roll with it ehn?” He laughed and she rolled her eyes, forgetting that he couldn’t see her. “I’ve missed you too. I hate watching tv alone.” She said.


They were silent for a while, listening to


each other breath softly.


“I’ll get you stuff when I’m coming.” He


finally said.


“Good. Although what matters most is that you bring yourself.”















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