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Episode 26


Abena’s brain stopped working for that


moment. Then slowly, she started to


process what Tobi had said.




Oh s–t.


It was Tobi’s mother. She didn’t plan for that at all. The elderly woman gave her a scrutinizing gaze, and Abena wondered why she didn’t wear something nicer than leggings and an oversized shirt.


“Isn’t this my son’s house? Since when do I have to let you know before I come?” She heard Mama’s velvety voice. Tobi just rolled his eyes still smiling.


Did he not understand the situation?


“Omo mi. Who is this girl?” She asked, still standing outside the door, looking at Abena, or rather, at Abena’s stomach.


Tobi shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other. “Oh. Mama. This is Abena, she’s my… friend ?”


Then suddenly a broad smile lit up on his


face, he slung his arm around Abena’s


shoulder before she could protest.


“And she’s pregnant with my baby.” Mama’s scrutinizing scowl was suddenly replaced with a warm smile and an excited squeal.



“Why didn’t you say so? Oh, my daughter, welcome to the family.” Mama said pulling Abena into a warm but uncomfortable hug. “Sarah, go and wait for me in the car.” She said to the chubby woman she had brought, who scowled and left.


“Mama. Who was that?” Tobi asked, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. “Oh. Just one girl I was trying to set you up with. But who knew that my son would finally listen to me, and she’s so beautiful.” Mama laughed sitting down and pulling Abena with her.


“My daughter, were you cooking? You shouldn’t stress yourself, let Tobi do that for you.” Abena nodded and looking at Tobi giving him a look that said, ‘I’m going to get you for this.’

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“Abena. That’s not Yoruba. What kind of


name is that?” Mama asked.


“It’s Ghanaian ma. My mother was Ghanaian but my father was from Osun State.” Abena explained.


“Ohh. So where are your parents now?” “They passed away a long time ago.” Abena said quietly.


“Oh, well that’s sad. But I can be your


mother now, okay?”


Abena felt a pang of guilt as she nodded her head. Sure, his mother was overwhelming, but she didnt deserve the lies they were




“Mama, let me check what I’m cooking and get you something to drink.” Abena said, standing up quickly.


“Okay. Tobi, follow her. You better be taking care of her oh! I can finally have a daughter-in-law and a grandchild, so you better behave and take care of her.” She pointed her finger at Tobi who just rolled his eyes. Grandchild, yes.


Daughter-in-law, not exactly. “Mama. I know how to take care of a woman.” Tobi grumbled, and Abena laughed in spite of her anger.


“I know. You didn’t even go to work today. Very surprising. I didn’t know you were capable of missing work for one day.” Mama teased.


“Shayy, Mama. Him and that his work, ehn.” Abena added and Mama laughed. As Abena walked into the kitchen, she heard Mama tell Tobi, “She’s good for you.”


As she turned off the gas, and got a pitcher of orange juice from the fridge, Tobi walked in grinning.


“You’re dead!” Abena hissed.


“I didn’t know she was coming.” Tobi said, defending himself.


“This isn’t part of the contract.” She pointed out, grabbing a glass cup.


“Please. I’ll make it up to you.” He sighed. “I don’t like lying to people Tobi.” She put the pitcher and the cup on a tray.



“What are you two still doing in there?” They heard Mama shout from the sitting room. “Coming!” Tobi called back. “Can’t you see how happy she is right now? Please, just help me keep her happy. For today.” Abena sighed in defeat, she picked up the tray and stomped on his foot as she walked back.




“So Abena, how far along are you?” Mama asked, after taking a sip of her juice.


“Five and a half ma.” Abena replied, averting her gaze.


“Do you know the gender yet?”


“We want to keep that a surprise.” Tobi said, still smiling.


“Oh, I’m so happy. I haven’t seen Tobi like this in like, never!” Mama gushed. “Why didn’t you come and see me earlier?” “Mama, don’t mind him. I’ve been telling him that we ought to go and see you, but he’s always busy at work.” Abena said, the lies spilling out of her mouth effortlessly.


“I understand. So you guys now did it without getting engaged or married? Children of nowadays ehn!” Mama joked.


Abena choked on air while Tobi just


scrunched his nose.


“So.” Mama went on, not noticing their


discomfort. “When is the wedding?”



After successfully evading most of Mama’s



questions for more than an hour, she finally decided to leave, much to Abena’s relief. “Take care of her oh. If she complains to me about anything, you know I know how to deal with you.” Mama said to Tobi who just smiled in response.


“Mama, I’ve heard. Ask her, I take good care of her.” Tobi replied cheekily, giving his mother a hug.


“My daughter, take care of yourself okay?” Mama said pulling Abena into a hug. Abena nodded in response and finally, Mama left.

“Thanks.” Tobi grinned at Abena.


“What are you going to tell her when I give birth and suddenly disappear?” Abena blurted out.


“I’m sure she’ll be more interested in a grandchild than you.” Tobi said dismissively. Ouch.



“His mother came?” Dera asked Abena. They were sitting in the incomplete nursery, while the interior decorator was making some calls.


“So awkward.” Abena laughed.


“He likes you, have you noticed? He acts different now, like he’s happy.” Dera said quietly.


“I don’t think so. I’m a pain in his side.”


Abena replied.


Dera rolled her eyes. “This is one annoying


thing about love stories. The guy is always


too proud to admit it and the girl is always


in denial.”



“You’re leaving for a week?” Abena asked.


They were having pasta for dinner, and Tobi announced that he had a business trip that lasted for a week.


“Yes. I have some matters to attend to. Would you like to come with me? Or stay at home?”


Abena pondered on her choices for a while. Following him would make her feelings grow faster, and if she could stay away from him for a week; maybe, just maybe she could get over her silly crush.


To be Continued…













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