Sat. May 11th, 2024



Episode 1


Written by divine purpose





“hey you, come here ” I made signal with my fingers and he moved to me trembling



what is this? 20 dollars? Do I look like a begger to you? ” I said using the money to slap his face


I’m sorry, I do not have any money with me, that’s the only amount i have ” he said looking at the ground


you gotta be kidding me ” kenzie said and kicked him


you are dead If I find any money with you ” Eliza said and started checking through his bags and pocket


My name is Arianna swift, the 2nd child of my family


I attend a high school, diamond high school


My friends, kenzie and Eliza and I are known as the three witches of diamond high school


No body dares us


Not even the principal


My father is rich so he can fire the principal if he wants


Well, it’s not like he owns the school but it’s the power of money


I do whatever I want and go wherever I want


If you mess with me be ready to face the consequences


Although my father is rich but I still collect money from people


Well I do it for fun, their money is useless for me


Well this guy we are bullying right now is our puppet


It’s so much fun


Seeing him shiver always make us laugh a lot



His name is Kyle, he is cute though but he is so weak to be called a guy


kyle, do you want to die, release all the money you av and go freely ” I said taking some steps toward him while he moved back


I don’t have any money, I swear ” he said and I smiled


take your trash” kenzie threw the money at him


“bring 200 dollars tomorrow, so you can be in peace, dare me and see ” I said and we carried our bag


We took a cab and headed to the club


It was so fun their


No one noticed we were minors and shouldn’t be in the club


Arianna, you are the best ” Eliza gave me a thumb up


he was scared to death, it’s not like we are gonna kill him ” kenzie said and I grinned


why won’t he be scared? He was in front of the witches of diamond high school ” I said and Eliza gave me a high five


12:00pm we left the club and I took a cab back home


I was relieved when I noticed the lights were off


I smiled and started tip toeing in my room when the light suddenly switch on


where are you coming from? ” it was my dad Gosh









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