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[Previously on Audio Boyfriend] “N noo, you can’t do that.” Ha nah said.

“I have to. I guess you know who I am and who my boss would be already. You should be lucky he didn’t decide to bring the police with him. Now, if you would excuse me, I would search every nook and cranny.” he said.

“You can’t search sir. You can’t.”

I have to do this. I have to do this.

I inhaled, then exhaled.

Yes, alright Sara. It’s time. It’s time.

One, two, three!

I came out of my hiding.

“Here I am, I’m Sara.” I said, facing the man in suit.


The man slide his hands into his trouser pocket.

“I’d make a great detective, what do you think?” he asked.

“Huh?” I said.

His face look deadly.

“Hello, Park Sara. My name is Williams and outside, in the car is my boss by the name Mr Jasmin Taylor. I don’t need to go further, now come with me. He wants to speak with you.” he said.

“Ar are you with the police?” I asked.

“I wish I did. Now come on. You don’t keep him waiting.” he said.

“I will go, I will go.. Don’t call the police.” I said.

“I have no idea you can be afraid of the police.” he said as we headed out.

Ha nah was standing behind her working machines, almost in tears for me.

“Sara,” she called. “be careful.”

“I will. Please take care of the shop if anything happens to me.” I said.

She rushed to me. “Here, your phone.” she said.

I took it. “Thanks. Don’t worry, he just want to speak with me.” I said.

“I’m really scared.” she said.

“I’m more, so please be strong.” I said.

“Get going please,” Williams said.

“Of course I am.” I said and walked out.

My eyes were fixed on the car as we walked down the staircase. My heart beating loudly that I fear the man behind me could hear it.

I placed my hands on My chest trying to calm myself down.

‘Relax Sara. You can do this.’ I told myself.

We finally got to the car even though I tried relaxing, my heart still beated fast and so loud and I was scared, nervous and at the point of going unconscious. I think I suddenly fell ill.

Williams opened the back door and I saw him sitting comfortably on the backseat.

I moved back as my heart flew.. I felt nausea, I feel like my eyes were turning. I felt weak and not able to move again.

“Get in.” Williams said.

Then I think I passed out, cos everything became blank.


From the car window, I watched as the girl walked down the stair with Williams behind her.

It’s really her?

Why do she look this pretty…

She seem quite scared. Of course she should. I could arrest her this minute and pay dearly for messing with my name.

But I’m holding back and I don’t know why.

No I do, the tears in her eyes on those pictures. I can’t help but wonder why she was in tears and why someone in tears had to do something like that few days later.’

She finally got to the car and I could say she is beautiful.

She look so scared and her face appear so innocent. She doesn’t look like someone who can do such a thing.

Williams opened the door. She stepped back, shaking. I could see her lips shaking like she is covered in snow.

“Get in.” Williams said, but then she scared the hell outta me – she fainted.

“Oh my.. What? This lady is really a drama queen!” Williams said, bent down and began shaking her.

“Sara! Sara! Stop being a con artist and get up!”

I tried getting out but William halted me. “Don’t come out J, people are coming. I will know what to do with her.” he said.

“She’s unconscious. She isn’t pretending.” I said, got out and knelt beside her.

I can few people coming and a girl running down the staircase too.

“Shift Williams, let me try something.” I said.


“Just move back,” I said and he did.

I placed my two hands on her chest, and pushed. ‘One! two! three! Four!’

I leaned, opened her mouth, and passed air into her mouth with my mouth.

Ha nah

Reaching downstairs, i halted at the scene before me.

Jesus! What I’m I seeing?

Jasmin trying to save Sara!

Oh my God! we are in more trouble!

People are taking pictures and videos already.

Williams is standing transfixed.

We are in for more trouble.


One, two, three four! I pushed again and passed air into her mouth and at the third push, she opened her eyes and seeing me, her eyes went wide open.

Oh my God.. He just saved his girlfriend.

I can’t believe this. This is more than amazing.


Wonderful… This got me smiling so wide

Aww she is so lucky

Jasmin taylor saved his girlfriend who collapsed

This is sweet.

“Huh? What..why are you close to to me?” she asked with a scared eyes. The crowd couldn’t hear her since everywhere went noisy.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“I..I I’m fine but-”

“You fainted so I had to do the common life saving method. Are you sure you are okay now?” I asked.

“I..I’m fine. Thank you si sir,” she said.

“Sara!” The girl shouted and rushed over. “Are you alright Sara?”

I stood up and looked at Williams.

I could understand his eyes.

I gave him a look of -at-least-she’s-awake.

He gave me a look of -are-you-still-gonna-speakk-wi


“Yes,” I said and turned to Sara who had stood up by the help of her friend.

“Can she rest for awhile please?” The girl asked.

“No, come inside the car.” I said but Sara was moving back so I grabbed her and pulled her into the car, shut the door and wind up the tinted glass.

I pressed ‘record’ on my phone.

“Please give me a chance, I will explain everything.” she said.

“Of course that’s what I’m giving you to do.”

Williams got into the driver’s seat, started the car and zoomed off.

“Whe..where are we going? Please don’t take me to the police. I will explain everything.” she begged.

“Then start!” I half yelled. “Do you understand the mess you did huh! Are you really a con artist and pretended not to see where you were heading to and then you bump into me and had someone take pictures for you to mess with my name?!”

“No, no, not that..I will explain. I’m really going to say the truth.” she said.

“Then start now.”

“I… actually.. I didnt see you coming that night at Love Hospital because my eyes were filled with tears and I never placed anyone to take pictures of you and me. It was all a coincidence. When I bumped into you, I had no idea who you were at all.”

“She’s lying.” William said.

“I’m not” She said.

“Who doesn’t know Jasmin Taylor!” he said

“I didn’t!”

“She has the guts to yell huh! You just caused another mess by collapsing and the videos would be all over the media now. Are you crazy?” He yelled.

“Let her go on Williams.” I said.

“Don’t listen to this liar. Don’t get deceived by her innocent face. You are a superstar Jasmin. You are not to fall for this kind of things. She is temptation!” Williams said.

“Excuse me Williams, let her finish her story.” I said. “Go on,” I told the lady who was in tears now.

“I’m really telling the truth, I had no idea who is Jasmin Taylor and didn’t know he was the one I bumped into. But there’s someone you made me know. She is only a little girl, please don’t ask about her. You can put all the blames on me. She didn’t expect me to do this when she showed me the pictures that she took. When she showed me the picture, truthfully, I was angry at her for taking pictures of people and in such position. Then she told me a brief detail about you and even after she told me, I didn’t want to take the pictures but then I felt like taking it.

I’m sure it’s the kind of excitement that you collided with a celebrity and I didn’t have the thought of posting them online with those captions but something made me do it.” she said, sniffled and wiped her tears with her hand.

I took out a tissue and stretched to her. “Take, clean your tears and go on.” I said.

She looked at the tissue and at me, then she took it but blew her nose instead.

“My father had been in the hospital for five months. He had an accident and it was all my fault. I shouldn’t have told him to come to the shop. He got into an accident on his way and because.. because I haven’t paid half of his bill for the five months he had been in the hospital, he have been treated with less interest. I was told that night that if I don’t get the money in two weeks. Then I have to take my dad.

I could have been able to pay the bill if my business was working fine but it isn’t. We hardly have a sell in a day. Everyone that came, talk ill about my designs and walk away.

I kept thinking of what to do until the idea of posting the pictures with the caption came in.

I thought that if I do that, I will be able to get lots of customers since females really like you and might want to meet Jasmin Taylor’s girlfriend.

I didn’t mean to get social attention but to get customers to buy my sales so I can pay my father’s bill and it..it really is working for me. I’m sorry I had to do this. I know it was so foolish of me and I promise to refix everything tonight. Please don’t take me to the police. I promise to end everything today”

“Do you think you can end it all today? Do you know how far the news has gone? You must be out of your mind to think of such an idea. You could have find something else to do, and pay your father’s bill.” Williams said.

I exhaled. “I will give you a chance to fix this today. You knew how you started this, end it. I have the record and I’m going to share this so everyone can hear you speaking the truth. I pity you and don’t think arresting you would be a good idea.” I said and showed her my phone.

“Do you understand?” I said.

She nodded. “I promise to fix it.”

“How?” William asked.

“I will..I will share a video of me saying the truth.” she said.

“Nice idea.” Williams said. I saved the record.

“Take her back to her shop Williams,” I said and Williams reversed.

She was still in tears, and sniffing. I picked the tissue roll and dropped on her thighs.

She looked at me and I don’t know why my eyes landed on her lips.


He dropped a tissue roll on my thighs and I raised my face to look at him but my eyes landed on his lips.

I quickly looked away.

‘I can’t believe that lips touched mine.

Why did I have to faint? Was I too scared?

I can’t believe he saved me.

I can’t believe I said the whole truth either.

Somehow I’m relieved, He isn’t arresting me but then I’m unhappy, everything would end today. I would loose all the customers I’ve gathered this few days if I say the truth.

Maybe I would look for another way of paying the other half. Maybe leaving designing for few weeks and working part time jobs.

That’s the only way for me.

I looked at him again and he was looking ahead.

‘He’s really handsome. Lisa was very right. I can’t blame her.


The car pulled up a little distance from my shop.

Jasmin turned to me.

“It mustn’t exceed today,” he said.

I nodded.

“Thank you so much for not arresting me.” I said.

“Get out of the car!” Williams said.

I opened the door, went out and closed it back. The car zoomed off.

I headed towards my shop.

‘But why didn’t he stop me in front of my shop? That annoying man. Acting like he’s the boss! Ahh I shouldn’t be complaining, I should be happy that I got saved out of a lion’s den.’

Once I walked into the premises of the my shop, I saw people everywhere. Some held phones, some camera, some mics.

I remembered that morning at my house. Then I thought of why I was dropped a distance away.

They must have known that this people would be here.

They rushed to me immediately.

Excuse me, Miss Park Sara. There’s a video of you collapsing and Jasmin saved you. Can we know what caused the fainting?

After he saved you, you both went off in his car, can we know where he took you to?

Are you two planning on getting married soon?

“Excuse me, I can’t answer all that now.” I said and headed upstairs. They followed me.

Why? Are you having issues with him already

please can you answer even one?

I decided to run. They ran after me.

Miss Park Sara

Miss Park Sara

Where did you get a kiss from him?

What do you like most about him?

I pushed into the shop and Ha nah was at the door, waiting. She shut the door immediately and locked it.

“Ah thank you for that.” I said and collapsed on a chair.

“When they leave, I will.” I said, “please help me with a glass of water, I’m dying.” I said.

She ran off to the fridge to get it.

[Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah ] __________________________________________



We pulled into the house and got down from the car. A motorbike was parked.

“That should be your brother’s.” Williams said.

“He’s here again.” I said.

“He likes to be with you, not minding any issue.” Williams said.

“He’s still seventeen and doesn’t know really understand all that. I guess he will when he gets to twenty or so.”

“He do Jasmin. He’s not a kid. But he’s s smart enough to know that you are the first son even if your mom and dad got divorced, you are still the Moon’s son. Have you forgotten the reason why you didn’t change your surname officially? You said you’d be back to take what rightfully belongs to your mom and you.

Why didn’t your mom get married? She is waiting for you to do that. You fooled them by making them think you changed your surname.”

“Well, I don’t want to go on with that anymore.” I said and made my way into the house.

Once in, I met Young throwing dart.

He smiled widely on seeing me.

“Hello hyung (brother), welcome. I’ve been waiting earnestly for you.” he said.

“When did you get here?” I asked.

“Uhm. Almost three hours now. I’m so exhausted waiting for you. I’m happy you are back.” he said and threw the next dark. It got in the bullseye.

“Whoa… I’m really good at this brother.” he said.

“I’m going for some rest. If you get hungry, tell Minah to serve you something.” I said to him and his face went into a sad frown.

“Ain’t you going to play a little with your kid brother?” he asked.

“Young, I’m tired and I need to rest.” I said and turned to Williams. “Williams you can play with him. Answer the telephone when it rings. I’m off to sleep for awhile.” I said and headed upstairs.

Hours Later

The calling of my name woke me up.

“Jasmin, can you wake up now.. This is very important.”

I opened my eyes and it’s Williams.

“Oh my.. Is it night already?” I asked.

“Yes. You have to hear this.” he said.

I sat up.

“What’s that? Have you checked if that girl had shared the video? If she haven’t, then let’s go first by sharing this record.” I said.

“Actually, the SBX entertainment called and they said something else.

SBX.. I have interview with them tomorrow.

“What did they call for?”

“They want your girlfriend at the interview with you tomorrow.”

“What? What did you tell them?”

“I told them that, their request came really too late and your girlfriend won’t be prepared for such thing.”

“What, my girlfriend?” I said.

He rubbed his neck and sighed.

“Well I think I made a mistake by saying that. I wonder what I could have told them.” he said.



“It’s time Ha nah. Immediately I share this video then we’ve lost everything.” I said.

She exhaled. “I know but what can we do. Just go ahead with it.” she said.

“He was quite nice to me in the car.” I said.

“You’ve said that a million times already.” She said.

I smiled. “And really handsome.” I said.

“I don’t feel like doing this, not because of the money anymore but because..” I looked at her. “My heart is flustering. What do you think Ha nah?”

“You..like him?” she asked.

I breathed out. “I think so. The way he talked to me. He gave me a tissue to wipe my tears. I’ve never seen someone so nice. I thought every superstar is always arrogant and introvert like in the movies but Jasmin was different. And didn’t he save when I passed out?”

“Snap out of this girl.. He only felt sorry for you and that’s where it ends. Your parts are really different. Nice people can be worse too. You did a terrible thing which you should wipe out now so please go on before it’s too late. I read that he have an interview with the SBX tomorrow. If you don’t correct this now, I wonder what will happen tomorrow at the interview. Please go on.. Or you can shift, I’ll do it.” Ha nah said.

“Of course I’m going to do it, I just need a little minute.” I said.


“Being such a person’s girlfriend would be really great. I can’t believe he forgot his personality and saved me when I passed out because of fright. How did he learn to do that? He must be good at so many things.” I said.

“I was wondering too. But this isn’t the time to recall about this things, come on, do this girl. You can do this.” she said.

I exhaled. “Yes I will.” I said and moved my hand to the ‘send button’ but my phone which began ringing interrupted.

I took it..

‘An unsaved number.’

“I’m sure it’s a customer calling, ignore it.” Ha nah said.

“No, I will pick it.” I said and picked it up.

“Hello,” I said.

“hello, is this Park Sara?”

Immediately, I remembered the voice. It’s Jasmin’s.

I gasped and looked at Ha nah who looked curious.

“Ye yes it’s Park Sara.” I answered as my heart began beating.

“Are you free tomorrow?” he asked.

Uh? Why’s he asking that?

“I..I’m -” I didn’t know what to say.

“Do I need to ask you anyway, you caused this for me.”


“I was supposed to have an interview alone tomorrow but now we are going to be two because of what you did! This is crazy!!

Get ready tomorrow morning, someone would pick you up. You are going to the interview with me,…as my girlfriend.”

The phone fell off my hand.


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