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[Previously on Audio boyfriend:] Once, I was near the hallway, I heard low noises.

Omo.. It’s really him..

Aigoo, it’s him indeed. The Thailand superstar

I gasped and stepped back.

Hello everyone.. How are you doing?

he said.

I didn’t wait for another second, I removed the high heels I wore, and raced back to the room my dad is.

Once in, I placed my hands on my knees to catch my breath.

‘Will I be able to go tonight. I have loads of works! Why’s he at the hospital again?’


After fifteen minutes of standing in dad’s ward.. I finally got an idea of what to do. I searched my bag and found a nose cover. I wore it, then removed my jacket and pulled it over my head.

“Now I can leave.”

I wore back my heels. “Goodnight dad,” I whispered and off I went, quietly but quickly, I walked through the corridor until I got to the hallway, once I stepped into the hallway, I heard a voice that sounded like his coming suddenly from the wards corridor I just passed.

I peeped and flinched back when I saw him walking towards with a man.

‘Oh my God!’ I took off. I didn’t care if my heels made loud noise as I ran for my dear life.

Hello ms, please don’t run in a hospital. Your heels are making noises and you might bump into a patient. a nurse said.

“Biane Biane Biane Biane” I apologised continuously as I kept running.

I finally walked out of the long hallway but didn’t stop to catch my breath.

I ran out of the gate and waved on a taxi.

The taxi pulled up and I jumped in.

“Go go,” I said to the taxi driver and he zoomed off but why is he staring at me like that from the rear view mirror.

Oh! The jacket over my head and the nose cover.

I quickly removed them. I must have looked like a pyscho.

Argh it’s all because of that guy.



Omo, she almost bumped into me. How could she be running like that?

Who is she?

She must be sick

And she wore such a high heel and dare use it to makes noises. Ah my poor ears almost got blocked.

We heard the patients complain as we got to the hallway.

Oh the Thailand superstar.

He look so young and handsome

But why is he in a hospital? Is he here to see us?

I smiled and turned to them.

“Hello everyone. I’m happy to see all of you and I’m happy that even in this circumstance, you all still have a smiling face..”

I paused when I heard camera shots. People were gathering.

Can’t I just talk without being videoed or something?

“…So I wanna plead with you not to unviel this smile no matter the situation and pain you might be going through.” I asked.

Aigoo, he speaks so amazing.

I feel like hugging him.

I smiled. “..If you find yourself in a condition where you think you can’t take it anymore, just place your right hand on your chest,” I said and placed my right hand on my chest. “..and say all is well.”

They all placed their hand on their chest and said it.

I smiled.

“Goodnight everyone. Have a blissful night rest.” I said and made my way out.

Oh his girlfriend must be really lucky

Yes she is indeed. He choose her even though she is a poor designer.

They were friends from childhood

“Why did you do that?” William asked.

“What did I do?” I asked.

“Paying half of every patients bill in this hospital”

“It’s something I felt I should do. And I thought I’m gonna see that girl anyway, I think someone close to her is in this hospital.” I said.

“You can’t be sure. Maybe she came for treatment. The doctor could have given us the answer.” William said.

“I’ll get all the answers I want by tomorrow.” I said.

“You are really going the wrong way J. Arresting that girl is the best thing to do. Could you see, those patients in the hospital talking about her being lucky to be your girlfriend all. Damn it’s freaking me out.”

“I will handle this without the police.” I said.

“As your manager J, i think I’ve tried enough to tell you the right thing to do.”

“Thanks for trying. Just drive me to the girl tomorrow.” I said and got into the car, he got in too and drove off.



(Sara’s residence)


The taxi pulled in front of my house. I got down, paid the Taxi driver and turned to hurry up inside.

“Excuse me miss,” he called.

I turned. “Huh. Isn’t that the amount?”

“Not that. I was right, I was staring at your face all this while and you looked familiar.” he said.

“How? Do you know me from somewhere?” I asked.

“On the TV. You are the Thailand superstar girlfriend right?” he smiled. “Of course you are.”

I gasped. What is this now?

How did he know.

Argh of course he should.

“Are you really his girlfriend?” he asked.

Displaying a smile, I said,. “Yes I am.” and hurried to my house.

I got in, switched on the lights and collapsed on a chair.

“Ah I’m going crazy really.”

My stomache grumbled. “Aishh.. I’m hungry.”

I stood up and walked to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, it was empty only two packs of noodles.

I sighed, took out one to cook.

(Later that night)

“If the left sleeve should be this way, then the right should be a tiny sleeve with a lace sleeve that stops at the ankle.” I said as I was drawing it.

“V neck with a touch of rose design.”

(Hours later )

My legs are soaked in water to chase sleep away.

“…No, this isn’t very nice. I would need to draw it one more.”

I took another sheet and began drawing the design again. I’ve succeeded in two designs but this one is getting too tough for me.

I checked the time. 2:32am.

“Argh im so sleepy. I will just draw this one and go to sleep,” I said.

(Next Day )

I opened my eyes and saw that I had slept off on the desk while still drawing the neck of the dress.

“Arghhh.. I was really sleepy.” I mumbled and sat up. I yawned and stretched myself.

The ray of the morning sun was coming from the window.

I turned off the lamp, looked down and my legs are still in the bucket of water. I sighed and pulled out my legs, stood up, carried the bucket and headed to the bathroom.

Once I faced the mirror in the bathroom, I gasped at my eye bags.

Why are they so out and dark.

“Ahhgh! This is not nice.”

I grabbed my toothbrush, applied paste and proceeded to brush my teeth.

After brushing, I walked out and headed to the kitchen.

“Argh I need to go to the grocery shop today. The kitchen is totally empty.” I said, took out the remaining pack of noodle to cook.

While cooking it, I heard my phone ringing, since the ringtone is really loud.

I hurried up to get it with the thought that it would be another person who wants to purchase from Saara collection.

But on getting to the desk, I saw it’s Love hospital calling.

I moved away from the phone and shook my head.

“No, I can’t pick this call. Of course I can’t.” I said.

I left it and walked back to the kitchen.

“Tch… this hospital don’t deserve to be called Love Hospital. Money hospital would have suited it well. So annoying!”

I finished cooking and served it on a dish.

“I need to call Ha nah and let her know of the new designs I drew last night.”

I walked over to the desk, picked the phone and walked back to my food.

I sat down and put a call to her.

She picked up at the second ring.

“Hello Sara. Any news?” she said.

“Yes. I got two designs last night and they are really nice but there’s this third one that’s proving really hard. I think it’s the most beautiful, and that’s why it’s proving hard to draw but I will try to finish it.” I said.

“Alright. I have goodnews. Five of Saara’s collection would be sold today. We have three buyers already.” she said.

I jumped up. “Really. I can’t believe the miracle.” I said.

“Me too.” she said.

“See you at the shop.” I said.


The call dropped and I smiled.

Before next week ends, I’m sure to get the money for dad’s hospital bill.

I sat down, picked a chopsticks and began eating.

It’s good that the hospital haven’t called back.

Just then a message came on my phone.

I took the phone and it’s from Love Hospital.

I sighed.

“I’m certainly changing the name to Money Hospital.” I said.

‘Should I open it?


Maybe I should.

No, not yet.

Let me just read it.’

I opened the message and read, the chopsticks fell off my hand at what I read.

Half of my dad’s hospital bill has been paid by someone they kept anonymous.



(Jasmin’s residence)


Coming out from the bathroom, my phone was ringing. I’ve decided to switch them on.

I picked it up from the bed and smiled at the caller id. Tee tee.

I picked the call.

“What a relief, I was able to get you today. Did you have to switch all the lines. I was really worried.” she said.

“I’m sorry Tee tee. I don’t need to explain to you. You must have seen it.” I said.

“Yes I did. It’s all over the newspapers and TV news. Why haven’t you done anything about it?” she said.

“Williams, T.A and everyone says she should be arrested but I don’t think it’s a nice idea. I think meeting her and letting her explain herself would be much better, then I would know what to do after her explanations.” I said.

“You think so? Meeting her would only worsen things. She would certainly give you some well practiced lies and make you believe her. Seriously that’s what con artist are all about. They will make you see and believe every lies they say and dupe you more. Get her arrested J.”

“Tee I don’t think she’s a con artist.” I said.

“Then what is she, some crazy social media girl seeking attentions?” she asked.

“I don’t think it’s that either.” I said.

“Then what?”

“I’m gonna find out today.”

“Wait, don’t tell me you are going to see her?”

“Yeah I am.”

“Come on Jasmin. You have no idea what you are doing! Everyone is telling you the right thing to do. Come on.”

“Tee for once, I wanna do what I think is right, not what everyone think is right.” I said.

I heard her sigh. “You are being stubborn J.”

“I know. So how is King. Did you guys go on a date?” I asked. I have no idea why I did. Maybe cos I can’t help the jealousy.

“Not yet. He’s always busy,” she said.

I exhaled. “I hope he gets the little time for you.”

“I hope so too.” she said.

“I think we have to talk later Tee, bye for now.”

“Come on, are you getting annoyed?”

“No, I’m just busy. I will call you after. Bye Tee,” I said, dropped the call and fling the phone on the bed in anger, stared at the phone until the anger subsided. I exhaled and sat down on the bed.

I’m sorry J but I can’t date a superstar and I don’t love you romantically. I love you like a brother. Im sorry,” that was what Tee tee had said the day I finally mustered courage and told her that I really love her and want us to date.

“Why Tee, why should I be your brother and not your boyfriend. If it’s about being a superstar, I promise It won’t come in between us. I would always love only you and be beside you all the time. I promise. I’ve loved you all this years and I finally had the courage to confess to you today.” I had said.

“No J, I’m really sorry. It can’t work between us. I want us to be the best friends that we’ve been.” She had said.

“Is it really about me being a superstar and me being like your brother, or is there something else I need to know?” I had asked.

“Actually, there’s someone that I love.” she said.

“You mean romantically?” I asked.



“It’s King. I love King.” she had said.

That night I fell ill and missed a show I was supposed to go two days later.

Tee tee and King became my friends when I resumed high school in Thailand. They were the only friends I had and still have.

I’ve always loved Tee tee but i had no idea that she loved King not me.

For all I know, King is a playboy and don’t love Tee tee like I do.

He doesn’t get out time for her but she still keep on loving him still and want to be with him.

Even though I’ve tried to stop my love for Tee but it’s still there. I still want her and seeing that she is crazy about a guy who doesn’t love her or cherish her love for him makes me go insane.

The door opened and Minah walked in.

“Breakfast is ready sir,” she said.

“I don’t feel like eating. Take it away.” I said.

“Ye yes sir,” she bowed and left.

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(Hours later At Saara Collection )


“Oh my, it fits me really good.” Lisa said. Lisa is one of the three ladies that Ha nah talked about.

I smiled. “Yes it does. Oh my, your hips are all out.” I said.

She smiled. “And I love the way, my cleavage is out.. but I think here is kinda bulky.” she said.

“Uhm yeah, I think so. My tailor will give it more touches but you’ll have to be back tomorrow for it.” I said.

“No problem. Let me go pull it off,” she said.

“I will help you with the zip.” I said and unzipped the dress.

“Thank you sweetie, you are really lucky.” she said.

“Ah?” I said.

She smiled. “Being Jasmin’s girlfriend must be really wonderful. He’s so handsome and his body is one in a million. He shows of his six packs when he dances and I go crazy about that.

I always go through his photoshoots and I’ll be like wow, such a breathtaking guy and to top it all, he’s super rich.

He’s net worth is breathtaking.

Everything about him is so sweet. I’m sure he’ll build you a mall soon. You are really lucky baby girl.”

My brows were raised all this while she was talking..and when she finished and was grinning at me, I got myself together, cleared my throat and smiled. “Yes that’s right. That’s right. He really loves me. We love each other.” I said.

“What do you like most on his body?” she asked.


“Ehm,,, uhm.. I love everything about his body. Yes, everything.” I said.

“Of course everything about it is perfect, but you should know, dating a superstar who dances and walks the stage shirtless is really dangerous. He has millions of crush. It’s impossible he would not cheat on you. Every girl would want to..” she came closer to my ear.. “..F U C K him.”


“Uhm.. I will leave now, I think my tailor want to see me.” I said and walked out before she says something more.

Who talks so carefree like that?

Arghh I’m really going crazy.


I chuckled as she left.

‘I’m really good at talking, right?

But that’s the truth anyways. If I grab such an opportunity, geez.. He’s so hot.’

She isn’t even that beautiful or s£xy.

So annoying!


I pulled off the dress and took more look at it.

‘She’s quite good at it, but not really good. I wouldn’t be here if she isn’t his girlfriend.

Still annoying!

I hope they break up soon!’



“…that girl is a loud mouth.” I said to Ha nah.

“I noticed it once she walked in. She look like a hoe. The way she dressed and praised her cleavage. She certainly here for something other than buying a dress.” Ha nah said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like she was hoping to see Jasmin or something like that.” She said.


“Okay babes!” That was her as she walked out with the dress.

Ha nah got up and collected it from her.

“My designer have told me where to give it touches, I will do that fine. We apologise for you not being able to take it today.” Han ah said.

She smiled. “That’s okay. I’m not annoyed abit. It would be nice to be here tomorrow.” she said and with that, she left.

I sighed.

“That was quite funny. Why was she flivking her lashes up and down. That was something else.” Ha nah said and sat down.

“Let’s drop talks about the girl for now. About the tailors needed, have anyone contacted you. You need helps you know.” I said.

“Are we gradually turning into a big fashion company?” she asked.

I laughed.

“Anyways, lots of them called me. Why won’t they? When their boss would be Jasmin’s girlfriend.”

“I’m not his girlfriend.” I said.

“Well, he’s your audio boyfriend then. That’s what I call it.” She said.

“Audio boyfriend, tch..”

“Miracles are really happening lately. I wonder the person who paid half bill of every patients in Love Hospital. That person must be swimming in the ocean of money.” Ha nah said.

“Whoever it is, I’m very grateful. I might kiss his or her feet if I’m told to do so.” I said.

“Stop joking. The Sara that I know can’t do such. A thank you would be enough.” Ha nah said.

“I’m serious here.” I said.

She looked out. “I heard a car pull up. Are we getting another customer?” she said.

“I turned and looked out the window. “Such a nice car.” I said.

“Even the rich are coming to buy from us. I’m actually dreaming, I don’t think this is reality,” Ha nah said.

The car door opened and a man stepped out..

“It’s a man,” Ha nah said.

I gasped when I saw the man’s face.

“Oh my God Ha nah it’s the man with Jasmin at the hospital yesterday.” I said.

“Oh my!! What are we going to do?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I’m freaking scared! He’s coming.” I said.

She turned to me.

“You know, go and hide. I will know what to say to him.”

“Hide? What are you going to say to him?”

“That you are not in the shop. Go now, he’s almost getting to the door.”

“Huh, should I go hide?”

“Go Sara.. For now, go and hide.” she said.

“Okay okay,” I said and ran off to hide.

From where I hide, with my heart fast and loud, I could hear Ha nah say

“hello, welcome sir,” to him.

“Thank you. I’m very sure this is Saara Collection, right?” The baritone voice asked.

“Ye yes, you are right sir, this is Saara collection.” Ha nah said, I could feel the fear in her voice.

“And you are not the owner of this place, right?”

“Uhm, we run the shop together, she’s the.. the designer and Im the tailor.” Ha nah said. “Sir, what can I help you do you want a dress for your girlfriend,?” she asked.

Ha! What?

“You don’t have to worry, you you are in the right place. May I see her full picture so I can pick out a dress that will look really beautiful on her.” Ha nah said.

Ha nah what are you doing. You should be sending him out not welcoming him in.

“Ofcourse, im in the right place.” he said.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“Well, I’m here to see the designer. She have to come with me downstairs to that car over there. My boss is waiting to talk with her.” he said.

I felt terrifying goosebumps on my skin.

What I’m I going to do?

Sara you are really in a big mess.

“Eh sir, actually, she isn’t in the shop now. I would suggest you come back later. Tomorrow because she won’t be at the shop today.” Ha nah lied through her teeth.

“Really? but why do I feel like you are lying young lady?” He asked.!

“Uh.. What? Why would I lie to you about that. She isn’t in the shop.”

“Then I’m I permitted to search around. I’m very good at that.” he said.

“N noo, you can’t do that.” Ha nah said.

“I have to. I guess you know who I am and who my boss would be already. You should be lucky he didn’t decide to bring the police with him. Now, if you would excuse me, I would search every nook and cranny.” he said.

“You can’t search sir. You can’t.”

I have to do this. I have to do this.

I inhaled, then exhaled.

Yes, alright Sara. It’s time. It’s time.

One, two, three!

I came out of my hiding.

“Here I am, I’m Sara.” I said, facing the man in suit.



Problem don land.

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