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enough of that Greg,” she pushed him away

from her and touched her lips.

”please Angela, help me do this don’t break my

heart,” he said almost in tears.

”are you that serious about this? She asked very


”sure, please Angela i can go on my knees,” he

said trying to knee down but Angela held his


”just stand up Greg, she hugged him. Chris was

behind as he watch them but quickly left the


”am gonna think about it, but please don’t expect

that much from me,” she said to him.

”are you still mad at me? he asked in a cracking


”no Greg, am not mad at you, please i have to

go,” she fake a smile then left.


*Later, Angela and Elsa walked to the library as

she told her what happen.

”am so confused i really don’t know what to do,”

Said Angela.

”come on Angela, don’t you love Chris again?

Elsa asked

”of course i do,”

”then you know what exactly to do, tell Greg

you’re not interested, his love might be fake,”

”then how sure am i Chris love me? yea i know

he likes me..but..

”Angela, but what? Elsa arched an eyebrow.

”Elsa please let not talk about this, i have

important things to think about than this,” she



”are you trying to date Angela because you

love her or because you want to..

”oh shut up Chris, what business did you have

with her? nothing! so let me be!! Greg yelled at


”Greg, you also need to becareful am sure you

know who Angela is,” Said Leam.

”look am gonna have Angela, i will do everything

to have her to myself,’ said Greg.

”but i can’t believe the same girl you call a

prostitute is still girl you’ve fallen for? Chris


”no Chris i have actually realise my mistake,”.

”okay then, hope you will take care of her. We

are still friends,” said Chris with fixed feelings.


Angela just taken her bath and quickly dressed

up to see her friends, she stared at her face in

the mirror and touched her lips again she felt so

angry as she remembered what Greg did earlier.

”what even gave him the gut to kiss me! gosh i

should have did something he will regret,” she

felt so angry at that time as she quickly left.

Along the road she stopped at the shopping mall

to check out things maybe to buy them if she

can afford such money. She checked the price

of her favorite heels, everything was too much.

”i don’t have much money on me and i need to

get myself the new edition of the textbook

needed in class,” She thought as she turn to

leave and saw Chris, their eyes meet and he

spent a while looking at her, his eyes darted over

hers, assessing her feature and beauty.

”Chris,” She called with her angelic voice.

”Angela, nice meeting you over here,” he said as

he turn to leave.

”come on Chris,” She held his hand. ”are you

mad at me? or is it because i fail you when you

came over to visit me, i know that was bad i

shouldn’t have ask you to leave, am actually

sorry,” she said still holding his hand tight.

”okay, am not mad at you, so what are you doing

over here and you seems to be leaving without

buying anything,”

”sure, am late i need to go somewhere now,”

She smile as she realise her hands from his.

”are you leaving here because of me. Angela are

you trying to avoid me?

”yes Chris, i don’t want to ruin your reputation by

been around you all the time am not a good

person, everyone around me sees me as bad


”don’t say that. People can say whatever they

want but what matters is that your intention are

pure Angela, please don’t think about that to

yourself,” he said while Angela was quiet staring

at him.

”come over here,” he held her hand and dragged

her in.

”choose whatever you want over here, please

Angela allow me to this to you,” he said staring

at her.

The walk round and Chris choose more suitable

cloths, heels, sneakers, purse and many other

expensive and fashionable stuff.

”Chris, this more than enough, thank you so

much,” she said.

”i should be the one thanking you for accepting

these, thank you so much Angela, he smiled.

After the shopping the they stroll to the park and

Chris brought some snacks to keep themselves


”not once in my life did i ever thought of having

all this expensive dress thank you so much


”thank you too Angela,” he smiled. ”so what

about your family? i mean i have never seen any

of them,”

”i don’t have any,”

”what did you mean by that,”he asked.

”am an orphan, i grew all through my life in the

street, that why i eventually end up been a bar

dancer, or maybe a prostitute just the way

people call me, Chris am not really a good

person,” She said trying to hold back the tears

from her eyes.

”Angela, of course you’re not, i know you are

unique, you’re special and that what’s makes you

strong. I never knew about so sorry

about it,” He stammered as he rested her head

on his chest and his arms wrapped around her


”everything will gonna be okay, all you need to

do is stay strong”, he kissed her hair.

”Chris thanks a lot I’ve gotten over everything,”.


Chris took her home and Angela really

appreciates that.

”you’ve just make me feel special today,” Angela

hugged him so tight. He felt her warm hug which

make him feel great.

”see you tomorrow,” she smile as she disengage

from the hug.



”you’ve just made my day Angela,” Chris smile to

himself. He was already on his bed ready to

sleep but all he could think was Angela!

throughout that night.


Angela felt so great as she admire the new cloth

Chris brought for her, she really wish he gonna

love her the same she does.

”for once in my life i feel so special today,” She

smile to herself.




Angela and Elsa was at the sport field watching

Chris and his team playing basketball. It was so

much fun and Angela couldn’t stop staring at


”so what are you staring at? Elsa hit her

shoulder gently.

”Chris of course,” She smiled. ”well he brought

me some cloths, shoes, jewelries,just lots of

things for me…

”don’t tell me you guys went on a date?

”i wish so, but we just meet their, well i

shouldn’t have accept what he brought for me, i

feel so stupid for doing so. But tell me was it

the right idea to collect such an expensive things

from him?”

”Angela you need to think straight about this well

you need to tell Greg your final answer so he can

stay away from you,” said Elsa.

”sure, i will do that,” Angela replied as she keep

staring at Chris.

After the games everyone left, just few people

remain over their, while Angela and Elsa got

ready to leave.

”i wonder why Greg wasn’t here to play with

them,” said Elsa.

”who cares! let just get out of here it already

late,” said Angela.

”Angela,” said Chris moving towards them.

”Chris you did so well, you’re good in sport you

know,” she smile which shows her dimple.

”Angela,” Greg walked towards her.

” haven’t i give you enough enough time to think

about this, please Angela just tell me you love

me,” said Greg.

”Greg, their’s even nothing to think about am

sorry but am already in love without someone

else, someone i can’t stop loving,”

”what! who could be that person,” Greg yelled as

he held shoulder.

”just tell me, who is that person? He asked so


”I guess no need to know that person,” She fling

his hand away from her shoulder and left them


Chris was surprise to hear her say that, he felt

so heart broken.

” she’s already in love with someone else,” he

said to himself then left.





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