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I was still in Chris arms, i guess i slept off, what

a short sleep with this horrible dream, they party

was still going on i looked at my finger and was

glad the ring was still on my finger i quickly

stood up and he held my hands back.

”the party is still going and we might have lots of

important guess to attend to you should have

wake me up,” i said a bit pissed, i guess i was

actually angry because of the dream.

”after i propose to you, we dance then i suggest

we came out here, you suddenly fall asleep so i

thought should let you rest a little,” he said.

”i just had this bad dream and am scared

someone is against us i could feel that, wait a

minute i will check on something,” i quickly said

then left, Chris was so worried he called out my

name but i quickly left i need to do something

immediately, something is wrong somewhere. I

went towards the gate, it was very quiet and only

the security men were seen, the place is more

secured so no one can come in here, i thought. I

turn back to leave and then i felt a heavy blow

on my head,there i fall down and everything went


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i don’t know why Angela would have to leave

immediately. The party was still going on and i

took her outside to the pool side, we lye on a

couch and she slept peacefully in my arms but i

have no idea of what dream she was talking

about i quickly rushed out to know where she

was heading to, i was shocked to see a man

wearing on mask with Angela on his shoulder he

was trying to get away with her but i quickly

called the security men. Everything happen so

fast but on time, the man was caught

immediately i even wonder how he get into this

place cos everything is secured. Angela has

already fainted at once the party was stopped

and our parents were so worried. The security

men removed the mask from his face but i was

shocked to see Greg..

”long time,” i said so angry, their’s a big black

spot on his forehead and i guess that’s exactly

the place Angela hit him with the heels she once

told me about that. I quickly landed a heavy slap

on his face and pushed him down.

”how dare you try to touch my Angela, what the

hell did you did to her,” i yelled so furious, the

security men quickly grabbed him and took him

to the police station while i rushed to the

hospital i just hope nothing bad should happen to




I slowly open my eyes and saw Chris by my side

not only him but with my family and his,

everyone was so worried.

”Angela,” Chris called as he held my hand gently

and kiss my forehead.

”Angela am really sorry for all that happen, so

how you feeling,” my mom asked rushing her

words i know she must be so worried.

”am doing much better, please don’t worry that

much about me. But who could be that person,

who are they and what did they want from me, i

thought everything is over now,” i asked feeling

so dizzy.

”its Greg but believe me he’s handed over to the

police,” Chris answered.

”Greg! it being a very long time did he still

remember and want to get back at me for what i

did to him?

”you don’t need to ask so many questions Ange’

you need some rest,”, Chris suggested.







Everything is over now, Chris and i got

married it was such a very grand wedding party

perhaps the best in the world, Chris suggested

we go for our honeymoon at Switzerland and

probably relocate over there so that we would be

fully free from anyone else. My family also

moved their with us, i never knew Chris has

planned a very big surprise for us, he gave my

family a very big mansion and aside from that he

opened a new dancing school which is called

“Ange’ dancing school” am glad he fulfilled my

dreams. We lived in a very huge mansion, Chris

was actually successful in his music, it was a

very happy home, we treated Lynn and Anton as

our own kids.

I count myself lucky to have a caring, loving and

understanding husband as Chris. He spoil me by

not allowing me do anything especially when i

was pregnant, Lynn and Anton was glad about

that because they’ll soon gonna have a sister or

brother. Even when i finally put to bed to a male

boy which we named JARED i still treat him

equal with Lynn and Anton in a special way, i do

love them all and Chris also do, he has been a

good father to them. It was a very happy and

sweet home i feel so complete with Chris and

also feel safe been free from anyone or anything


I know those who hurt others are intentionally

making their own hurts and shame i know good

people don’t have conscience to hurt others.

Indeed life is a series of near misses. A lot of

what we ascribe to luck is not luck at all, it’s

seizing the day and accepting responsibility for

your future. It seeing what other people don’t

see and pursuing that vision.

After all that i passed through i still remain the

same me and always determined, it has made

me believed that everything happens for a

reason, it has also made me so strong or even


TO MATURE US”. I have actually become a great

heroine in my own time and am still happy

because my coming to this world was never in

vain, i came, i saw, i achieved and i conquered.

What a perfectly perfect life!!!


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