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I told Chris and my family about the bad news of

Edward death and We all quickly went back to

Montreal the following day i explain to my family

how i get connected to them as friends.

I can’t just believe Edward is death, he can’t just

die like that, how could Anna be this heartless

what about the kids who will take care of them,

we got home and meet Mr. Matt, i really pity him

i felt so guilty about what happen, Chris was

right beside while i did nothing else than to cry.

“Chris i feel so guilty for destroying this family, it

all my fault if only i have not think of getting

married to Edward maybe Anna wouldn’t have

gone too far with this,” i said still in tears.

“And if only Edward has told you the truth about

his wife being alive you would have stay away

from him but he made a great mistake in lying to

you that his wife was death,” he said while i said

nothing still in tears i ask about the kids and

immediately they walked in and rushed straight

to me i guess they heard my voice, i hugged

them so tight, i miss those kids.

”am sorry for leaving you, i shouldn’t have let

that mother of yours took you away me, i know

your daddy loves you so much ..

”she’s not our mother because she killed our

own father right in front of us, said Lynn so


”I vividly remembered what happen that night,

dad came to take us alone with him but mom

refuse, she always want to start up a fight with

him. I have never seen dad so angry like that

before, all through my life i have never seen my

dad beat my mom but that night was different

she has gone to far and that make my him beat

mum seriously, he quickly opened the door for us

and wanted to take us away with him, but then

my mom hurriedly went to her room and brought

out her gun, she shoot my dad so badly, i saw

daddy dying slowly my world was crushing down

on me i can’t believe my mom killed my own

sweet dad, i cried while my mom was still

standing so confused if only i now how to use a

gun i would have kill her immediately, just then

Anton entered the sitting room with some

security, it a good thing he called the security

men on time and she was immediately arrested

and hand over to the police,” Lynn explained i

could see so much pains in her eyes Anton was

so quiet i wonder what he might be thinking, i

can’t believe Anna could be this heartless, how

could she make her own children fatherless, i felt

so angry with her at that time. I held Lynn and

Anton so close to me.

”don’t worry everything will gonna be okay,” i

said in a low tone.





Everyone was dressed in black holding flowers

during Edward burial. Mr. Matt was so down and

couldn’t believe his only son and the one he love

much will be murdered by his own wife, he shed

so much tears seeing his son in the grave just

because of his wife and has vow to make sure

Anna will pay for everything.

Angela and they kids dropped their flowers and

cried, while Chris comforted them.




….. .I went to the see Anna at the prison, this

woman is such a devil she don’t even look like

someone who just lost her husband.

”aren’t you ashamed of yourself? i asked.

”ashamed! Edward is such a fool and i will never

regret killing him, i will keep saying that to the

whole world. I killed my foolish husband,” she


”can you just shut up! i ranted while she gave

me a wicked look.

“look Anna by the time you rot in jail that when

you’ll regret ever killing your husband, it just few

weeks right soon it will gonna be months then

years and years

until you rot here but then i will come and see

you in the next five years only, or even a year to

see if you’re not really regretting why you killed

your husband, have you ever thought of your

kids, what will they say about their mom when

they grow up you will make them hate you with

so much passion,” i said sounding so pissed off.

” and you should also stay away from my kids,

she yelled pointing her fingers at me.

”i won’t Anna, you’ve made those kids feel like

an orphan but believe me they are now mine and

they’ll stay with me and mind you as from now

henceforth you don’t have any children, i break

whatever ties you have with the kids,” i said.

”and who are you to break that strong ties

between a mother and her kids? she asked so


”Am Angela Scott, you cease to be their mother

that very day you killed their father. You are now

a mother to nobody, nobody at all so just forget

you once a children name Lynn and Anton,” i

said aloud then walked out of her, i know she

must be hurt by what i said but yes i want her

to feel more hurt because she has cause her

own children so much pain at this young age,

Anton and Lynn has not been concentrating on

their studies, i needed to help then get over the

death of their father.



Mr.Matt was very grateful seeing me taking good

care of they kids, he was also glad when i

introduce him to my new family, and i have

promise him to take these kids as mine and also

to raise them well, i know Edward will be so

happy about that wherever he is.

”Anton, Lynn this your new grandma,” i introduce

them to my mom, aunt and my brother. I felt bad

not having a father but am still grateful for

having my own family back. I guess my dad

might be death or… Well everything is perfect

now and that’s all that matters.



Chris parents came in, they looked so pale

and feel so ashame when they saw me, i quickly

stood up to leave because i don’t need much

troubles with them.

”we are actually here for the both of you and

glad you’ve found you today,” his mother said.

”Angela, we need to leave,” Chris stood up and

held my hand but i stopped him.

”they’re your parent you can’t just walked out of

them,” i whisper to him while he glare at me so


”please Chris, Angela, i guess everything is over

now and i hope you can forgive us for everything,

we’ve contributed a lot to your separation

before.,” his mom pleaded while his dad also did

that, i guess they’re really sorry for what happen

and i have forgiven them deep own my heart, i

have forgiven anyone who wrong me, i don’t

want to hold any grudges cox i want a happy life.

”i have forgiven you,” i said while Chris gave me

a look, i quickly hugged him so tight.

”you need to forgive them, remember the first to

forgive is the happiest, we need their blessings

and a happy home, they’re still your parents,” i

whisper to him while he sighed then moved

closer to them.

”am also sorry for leaving you, i know you want

the best for me but you’re too protective at that

time, Angela is the one that makes me happy,”

he said while

his mom hug him, his dad also join them, then

Chris dragged me closer. What a very happy day.





I, Chris and they kids went to the park to play,

am so happy Lynn and Anton are getting alone

with Chris, i sometimes get a bit jealous seeing

them play with Chris all the time. Chris is just

too special and has his own way to win

everyone’s heart both the old, young and kid.

He’s indeed my hero and has being the reason

why am happy, so happy and much happy.


Mr and Mrs Peterwerth has threw a very

grand party for us to celebrate our reunion, it

was so much fun and my happiest day, my

family are all around, Troy was glad to see happy

and i was also happy about everything, it such a

great hand work of God. This all is i ever ask for,

am now free from every trauma, it such a dream

come true and everyone congratulate i and

Chris. Lynn and Anton also look so happy and

am so glad about that, the atmosphere was

favorable and lovely. And most importantly Chris

propose to me, it really a dream come true i love

Chris so much and i quickly scream yes!!! he put

on the ring on my finger, stood up then kissed

me, everyone was happy about that, at last i

have regain back that cheerful and happy


so sweet Chris and i will soon get married then

build our own home together. They party was

still going on good and a glass of wine was given

to me and Chris to cheers.

”to share this love forever,” he smile.

”destiny has brought us back to each others

arms, this our fate,” i laugh and then sip my


There’s a moment in this journey that i gave


my heels just couldn’t walk another mile and that

cloud above me had no silver lining

i wouldn’t buy a break with my last dime

but when i saw you standing by the corner

i’d have never thought that you would have me


but we roll in like thunder and lightening

threw some punches then we had a laugh

hanging tough thick thin

kicking up dust wherever we go

who have thought we’d end up together

it’s crazy that we’re standing side by side

who’s gonna tell us now that we can’t fly….”.

The music was played and we went to the stage

to dance.

Chris held me by the waist and i felt like an

electric spark roar through my veins, his touch

was always different. I place one of my hand on

his shoulder and he held my other hand then we

keep dancing, staring deep at each others eyes.

Words were not necessary, we communicated in

an unspoken language of love.

we kept staring into each other’s eyes just then i

felt a sharp pain in my stomach and i fell down

to the ground.



I love Angela so much and this time i won’t let

her slip out from my hands, i won’t let any man

take her away from me, i wonder why she fall

down all of a sudden i was so scared just then i

felt a sharp pain in my stomach and i also fell

down on her.







They party was stopped immediately. Angela

and Chris were rushed to the hospital but it was

already too late, they couldn’t survive it.

Angela’s and Chris parent were so scared and

they doctor have to explain to them they were


”how did it happen? Angela mother asked already

in tears. The doctor order the drink they took

should be inspect to know they kind of poison

they drank.

Everyone was shocked to hear that and wonder

who would have poison the drink Angela and

Chris drank. But everything was late, Angela was

laid beside Chris and then were taken to the



read the final. *EPILOGUE*

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