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”oh gosh! I hate this girl”, she mumbled to herself

and move towards her then snatch away the

cloth from her hand. It was Fiona, she so much

hate Angela and always

want to make fun of her.

”don’t try to mess with my things again,” Angela

yelled at her putting her cloth back to her school


”really, I’ve always known you to be a prostitute

cox i wonder what you gonna do with that dress,

Class i think this poor thing is really indeed of

money so

badly,” she Laughed and they was a loud

laughter in the class as well.

”poor Angela or whatever you call yourself you

have no right to yell at us you know, we were

trying to be protective that why we checked your

bag, poor thing,”

Julie cut in, she’s also Fiona friend.

”look girls, this girl is a damn prostitute, now i

guess why no one actually want to be close to

her,” Lisa said in additional.

”am not ready for anything right now,” Angela

picked up her bag and turn to leave but Fiona

dragged her, then pull her hair.

”you bitch!’, Angela scream as she also pull her

hair back and the fall to the ground fighting,

while Julie and Lisa were hitting Angela.The

class was so noisy.

Just then a teacher came in Mr. Brandon Yoder

and was surprise to them fighting.

”you girls should follow me to the principal

office, you’ll gonna explain this to him,” Mr.

Brandon yelled at them.


*AT the principal office*


Fiona and Angela were on their kneels, while Mr.

Brandon explain to the principal what he saw.

”Fiona is just something else, she’s too

troublesome,” he concluded.

”well you girls will be on two weeks suspension

starting from today, and note no attending of

lessons you will start this by 8am and finish it

5pm. Fiona you’ve

always been disrespectful, all your teachers are

complaining about this and as for you i guess

you’re new student, we don’t raise dogs in our

school to fight but

noble and good students who are ready to learn.

Fiona you will sweep the large hall and the

whole environment while you Angela will clean up

the school garden, the

environment make sure no falling leaves will be

seen their and the disciplinarian will supervise

you.’ The principal concluded.

”um..please sir, am Fiona started it all, i can

explain”, Angela quickly said.

”shut up young girl, now leave my office,” he

yelled at them.

Angela quickly stood up and left. Her eyes were

filled with tears as she headed to the school

garden and meet the gardener Mr.Matt a man in

his early forties.

”how can i help you young girl? he asked.

”am on punishment over here, the discipline

master will come to supervise later, am sure the

principal must have told them,”.

”too bad, the work over here is not that much

that means you’re lucky,” he smiled still looking

at her.

”really? she asked as her face brighten up and

she smile. ”but then i need to sweep the

environment also, i have to also miss my class

for two weeks, isn’t that

bad,” she arched her eyebrow.

”of course it is, what happen? he asked.

”it Fiona, the rude girl from my class,”

”what Fiona again! that girl is something else,”

”you know her already? she asked surprise.

”who doesn’t know Fiona in this school, she’s too

proud, rude, cruel all because she’s from a

wealthy family,”.

”umm..she can’t mess with Angela cox am not

the shy type am gonna show her what Angela is

made of, thank you so much sir,” she smiled.

”am Mr. Matt the school gardener,” he replied.

”nice to meet you then,” she smiled to herself.

”at least i’ve got one friend today.


Fiona sat with her friends, Lisa and Julie at the



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”so what about the punishment? Lisa asked.

”you know i can’t do that, Fiona cannot sweep

that large hall just because of that girl, i have an

idea, am gonna hire the someone smart to that

for me,”

”hired! what do you think will be the principal

reaction he finds out that? Julie asked.

”just leave that to me,” Fiona glance at her wrist

watch and quickly stood up to leave.

”my driver must be waiting for me, good bye

girls,” she smiled and hurriedly walked out.


Angela was still at the school, she hurried to the

class to carry her school and only meet one

student their.

”hey? the girl said smiling. ”am Elsa and i know

you’re Angela.

”sure,” she replied.

”am really sorry about what Fiona did to you,

she’s always like this,” said Elsa as she fold her

arms and sat down on a desk.

”she’s really something else,” Angela said as she

turn to leave.

”but please i need a help from you,” Elsa start…

”okay, so like what? Angela asked.

”i really want to learn how to dance moreover to

be your friend,”

”really? Angela smiled.

”sure, are you okay with that?

”why not!

”my mom has really want me to learn how to

dance, and even insist she take me to dancing

school, so i can be selected in the dancing

competition at Montreal,”.

”dancing competition?

”sure, so when are we starting that? Elsa asked.

”tomorrow maybe by 5pm when am done with my

punishment, am gonna introduce you to my

dancing team,”.

”thank you so much Angela,”

”thank you too, i need to hurry now to the club,”

Angela quickly left she even forgot she hasn’t eat

anything since morning so she stopped at the

cafeteria and

get something to eat to prevent herself from

having ulcer.



”3, 2, 1 go girls”, said Angela to her team.

Angela sat and watch them dance. They put a

very brilliant performance, the show will gonna

be great tonight”, she thought.

”good girls, well this Elsa she want to join our

team, she’s a good dancer i hope you girls will

gonna like her,”

”really! i just hope she won’t mess up, you know

we dance to end money and we don’t want her

to disgrace us in tomorrow’s party,” said Suzan.

”come on Suzan, Elsa is quite different from us,

she just want to learn from us and not to dance

at the club or parties,” Angela concluded.

”then we can’t allow her in,”.

”no Suzan, at least try to be calm for once, am

sure she can do that,” said Jane.

”no Jane, don’t argue with me over this thing,

Angela this girl is not accepted in,” Suzan fired.

”Calm down girls, as you wish, am sure Angela

will help me with that personally,” said Elsa

looking at Angela.

”sure, Elsa am sorry for this. Suzan don’t want

you to here, but i will try to talk to her,”

”no need of talking to me Ange, this girl can’t

join us if she won’t dance at parties with us, we

really need more members in order to earn more

money” Suzan

ranted as she walked away.


Angela was glad to be in school the next day but

was not happy when she remembered about the

punishment already waiting for her.

”At least i have someone to talk to,”she smiled

to herself.

”Ange’, said Elsa smiling as she walked up to


”Elsa, please i need you to help,”

”say it dear, am willing to help you out,” Elsa

replied smiling.

”i need you to help me out immediately after

classes, all the lessons thought i really need

explanation from you please,”

”oh Angela, good you were able to think that

way, you’re such a genius and am sure you can

cope fast, of course i will help you,” said Elsa.

”really? thanks Elsa, well i have fixed date for us,

we can meet on weekends for the dance, we

gonna dance Salsa dance, ballet..

”Balle dance, oh i love that my ballerina, that’s

good, am gonna tell my mom immediately i got

home. Thanks a lot,” Elsa was so excited.

”okay then i need to be fast with the cleaning,”

Angela said.

”i wish i could help you with that..

”no Elsa, you need to be in the class, so see you

later,” Angela smiled then left.

She walked towards the garden as she saw

Fiona with Chris walking hand in hand over to

the sport field, they seems so happy together.

”gosh! i never knew she was one of Chris girls!

too bad,”, Angela shook her head and walked to

the garden she was glad to see Mr. Matt.

”good morning Mr. Matt,” she said smiling as she

picked up a broom.

”glad you came on time, Mr. Brandon just came

to ask if you were present i told him you came


”thanks a lot, but i just saw Fiona outside isn’t

she doing her punishment? she asked.

”I really don’t know,”

”its okay,” she smiled and went out to get on

with the sweeping.


The sun was already hot and Angela has been

working all day.

”i guess i need to rest now, my head is already

aching,” she stood up and went to the tap, wash

her face and clean it up, she went to the

Cafeteria to eat hoping to see Elsa. She was

done with eating and quickly return back to finish

her work.

Chris and his friends were just passing by when

they saw Angela.

”is she also helping Mr. Matt with his job, he

should be the one doing that,” Said Greg. One of

Chris friend.

”who knows, but she seems to be a student

here,” said Leam.

”too bad then, i guess she’s on punishment.

Fiona has told me everything,”Greg chipped in.

”she’s a cheap prostitute i guess that what Fiona

went about spreading in the whole school,” Leam

said laughing.

”she did? Angela asked them in astonishment.

”what else are you gonna do about that? Greg

asked laughing.

”am not a prostitute”, she yelled at them.

”sure you’re not a prostitute but one of those

cheap loose girls, huh??” Leam said and they

burst out laughing.

Angela eyes were already clouded up with tears

when she heard that as she look at Chris who

was quiet, but he wasn’t laughing..



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