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Christie quickly ran into his arms and hugged

him tight.

”i miss you so much Chris, how have you been?

”doing good Christie,” he replied smiling.

They move to the dining room and had dinner


”Chris, you did so well and maybe you have to fly

out to Switzerland about your dad business and

you can get on with your music, to be in a music

school over their,”. Jeffrey suggested.

”that’s nice uncle, but i prefer here, is it really

necessary? he asked.

”it necessary Chris, and nothing can change this.

Well this calls for great celebration, Christie

welcome back,” said Chris dad.

”thank you so much sir, am so glad to be back

after this eight years, and am actually back for

Chris,” she smiled.

After dinner, Chris and Christie went out and sat

by the pool side.

”it been a long time Chris, but believe am

actually back for you and you alone, am not

gonna leave you again. Just as we promise each

other am here to share that love with you

forever,” she smiled as she held his hand so


”i miss you too Christie but i thought you’ve

move on?

”no…i can’t do that Chris, believe me, i’ve waited

patiently for you and am glad you also did. Chris

i love you,” she said in a low tone.

Christie, We’re still friends and that’s all that

matters. It already getting cool here,” he said

while Christie quickly hugged him so tight.

”i’ve always knew our love will gonna last

forever, thank you Chris,” she said still in his


Chris smile back then disengage from the hug.


Angela and Elsa were at their room watching

television and suddenly their was a breaking

news about some kidnappers been caught and to

Angela surprise it was Suzan, Karen and their

guys. Suzan and her group were caught at the

small village with hard drugs. Not only that the

death of Jane has also been reveal and they

were imprison for lifetime. That was such a big

relief for Angela atleast she’s free from any

danger or been scared,” she thought.




Angela walked through the beautiful garden and

admire it nature but suddenly everywhere

became dark and void and everywhere was filled

with thorns, she felt a tapped on her shoulder

and was shocked as she turn but saw Chris.

”you scared me Chris why is this place so scary,

please help me out of here it a good thing you

came to my rescue,” she hugged him so tight.

”please let get out of here,” she pleaded. Chris

held her hand so tight and they and they began

to get for another way to leave but Angela was

grabbed by some men.

”please someone should let me out of here,” she


”wait a minute Angela, am coming,” Chris voiced

echoed as he quickly ran to rescue her from

those men but he came too late she was stab

with a sharp object**


”no..Angela quickly shouted as she jumped from

her bed already sweating.

”Angela are you okay? Elsa asked who was

awaken by her scream.

”i was death.. i was stab with a thorn,” she said

rubbing her face.

”stab! Elsa asked as she stood up.

”Angela, you need to be strong. That doesn’t

mean it could happen for real, Suzan is already


”i know that Elsa, but… am confuse someone is

still against me, maybe me and Chris because he

couldn’t help me out on time, something is wrong

somewhere,” she said as she sat down at the

edge of the bed.

”Angela calm down,” Elsa quickly get her a glass

of chill water to cool herself down.


Angela quickly hugged Chris tight, they both

meet at the Coby park and was glad to see each


”am so scared Chris,” she held him tight.

”you can’t be scare not when am with you,” he

kissed her forehead.

Angela told him her dream still feeling so scared.

”but glad Suzan was caught, Angela you don’t

need to worry am right by your side, for better

for worse remember,”

”sure but i feel… i feel.. she stammered but felt

his soft lips on hers. He kissed her deeply for a

long time.

”wow! you’re a good kiss you know,” he smiled.

”thank you Chris, but.. what exactly does that

dream means? she asked so worried.

”let just pray God will gonna change every bitter

story of our life to sweeter one. Angela no need

to get yourself worried over this,”, he held her


”you’re my inspiration Chris,” she rested her head

on his chest while he play with her fingers.

”am so happy Ange’ because am always close to

you and that all that matters,” he smile.

”each time am with you i felt so much happy

Chris but am scared your family might not like


”of course they will. I will do everything to make

them understand you’re not a bad person. Angela

whoever that will hate you have to hate me first,

and whoever that will hurt you have to pass

through me, You’ve suffered a lot and believe

this everything is over now,” he held her hands.

Angela said nothing but to smile.

”you make me feel so special you know and i so

much believe in you,”

”I wish you’ll come over to my place so that

you’ll get to know my parents, am sure they will

like to see you,” he smile.

”sure, and i will also like to see them,’ she smile




It was a wonderful Saturday evening, Angela

was already dressed up her red midi gown with

white flowers spotted on it and matching with a

heels. She swirled round and smile to herself, it

was a dress brought to her by Chris, she looks

beautiful in it and hope Chris will like that too.


Angela and Chris have already arrived at the

huge mansion and Angela was amazed when she

saw it, it looks so magnificent, flowers all

decorated around the compound, with a very

beautiful fountain, with swimming pools, then a

very beautiful garden. The house was large,

heavy oblong building of gray stone, three stories

high with cellar garret from the front of the

house to the edge of the river extended to a fair

green lawn.

Angela couldn’t believe she’s in such a beautiful

place like this, although she knew Chris was from

a wealthy family but she never thought they

could be this rich, super rich.

Chris held her hand and took her to the other

side where they all sat down on the dining table

and dinner was served, they were lots of maids

and security guard all over the place.

”Angela these are my parents,” he introduce

while Angela greeted them but felt a kind of


They had dinner in peace and immediately after

that, Chris parents ask more questions about her

and felt so bad when she told them she’s an


”so you mean you’re Chris girlfriend,” his mother

asked with a look.

”yes ma’am,” she her nodded her head the

questions was too much for her to answer.

”but young lady you’re not actually not fit for this

family, so i guess you should back off soon,” his

father said then quickly left.

Angela breathe through her mouth and said


”mom, dad can say that, cox i truly love Angela,”

said Chris as he held Angela’s hand softly.

‘i need to talk to her personally, so excuse us,”

said his mother.

”mom is that really necessary? Chris asked.

”sure,” she replied while Chris left.

”beauty Angela, you look so beautiful and calm

but too bad child,” she said looking at Angela.

”you can’t be part of this family not because

you’re an orphan but because Chris already have

someone else. Her name is Christie she’s his

childhood sweetheart and their still in love with

each other. She’s the only one we needed in this

family,” said his mother.

Angela eyes were clouded up with tears she

struggle to hold back those tears.

”but don’t worry dear, don’t feel so bad,” his

mother continued. Just then Christie came in and

was glad to see his mom.

”well Angela this is Christie the future daughter

in-law of the peterwerth,” she introduce while

Christie was a bit confuse.

Chris walked in and was surprise to see Christie

,he never expected she will come this evening.

Christie quickly ran to his arms and hug him

tight when she saw him but Chris quickly

disengaged from the hug and held Angela hand.

”who’s she? Christie asked looking at Angela.

”Christie i hope you’ll understand,” Chris started

as he held her hand.

”am sorry for hurting you Christie, i take back my

words and i hope am forgiven by you, it difficult

to say but impossible to leave it unsaid that am

not longer yours,”

”what did you mean Chris, please don’t break my

heart,” she asked softly with tears in her eyes

when Angela saw that she quickly ran out and

left them their.

”am in love with Angela, she’s the only one my

heart beat for. Christie we have to end

everything because i so much love Angela,” he

finally said then rushed outside to look for

Angela. He saw her already crying, he hugged

her form behind then kiss her on her neck.

”don’t get worried about that, Christie was just a

childhood friend back then but believe me i so

much love you and thats all that matters,” he

whisper to her ears.

Angela turn and face him, then hugged him so


”Chris, i love you,” she said in a low tone crying

on his chest.

”i love you more Angela. And as for my parents i

will talk to them, if they still don’t like you then

they will have to dislike me too. We’re into this

together, everyone has to pass through me first

before getting you” he pecked her.

”no Chris, maybe it fate. We don’t have to force

things to happen. If that our fate not to be

together then …

Chris quickly chipped before she could finish

what she was saying, ”Fate is fickle mistress

Angela, It can turn tables around!





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