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{As it is in heaven }


Doing what I know how to do most inside the

garden of life, I heard the trumpet sound, “why

could the supreme one be calling us now ” I asked

myself rhetorically bringing out my white feathers

from my back , walking to the magnificent hall

from the garden of life is not far but I am just too

lazy to walk, I prefer flying than walking, I’m always

awed when I look down to earth and see the little

ones walking, ” don’t they get tired of it ” I’ll always

ask myself with a feeling of sympathy for them.

I flew up and head to the magnificent hall.

The magnificent hall is the building where the

supreme one holds all his meeting with his angels,

it was built with golds and is the most beautiful

building in heaven after the supreme one and the

greater one’s house.

It devoured mass vast of lands, and it’s divided into

four part,

The first part was where the supreme one, mother

Creator and the greater one stay, it’s consist of

three thrones made of gold.

The greater one is the son of the supreme one,

that he cherish so much.

The supreme being’s affection was divided into two

before, one for the greater one and the other for

brother Luci.

Brother Luci was an angel like us but the supreme

one cherished him like the greater one,

Brother Luci was really fun to be with, his voice was

super awesome, whenever he sings, all the angels

always want to hear it, but he serves only the

supreme and can only sing for him.

After brother Luci ignited a rebel and was banished

from heaven, the greater one only, enjoy the full

affection of the supreme one.

Another area was for we the angels to sit, it was

made up of golden chairs and another part was

where the glorious singers are, this aspect consist

of beautiful ladies with feathers too who use their

voice in glorifying the supreme one,they always

classify themselves as angel but i don’t count them

as one of us,

this faction was formed when brother Luci was


And the last segment, well I don’t know what it’s

for, because nobody stays there, only the supreme

one knows what he plans to do with it.

{ to know more about the magnificent hall, I’ll show

you around personally when you get to heaven

# wink }

On my way to the magnificent hall I had to fly over

brother Luci building which has been deserted for

over a millennium years.

Passing over this building always makes me

remember about brother Luci,

I was the last angel created, and I heard it was

mother creator that asked that I should be made.

I was the youngest and the most cherished of the

angels by mother creator like how the supreme

cherished brother Luci .

Every angels has a specific duty post they’re

assigned to.

Like brother Gabriel and some other angels are in

charge of delivering the supreme messages,

brother Michael and his angel warriors are in

charge of waging war against any oppressor and

they were also in charge of being guardian angels,

brother Luci then was in charge of glorifying the

Supreme and many more like that.

Their are some angels in charge of creating the

little ones.

But reverse is the case for me,because I was the

youngest of all the angels and believe me, I am

also the cutest of them, mother Creator always

have me in her bossom, and when it was time for

me to join a department, mother Creator was

against it, she insisted that I should be left alone,

and do anything I wish to do.

When I clocked a millennium, the Supreme chased

me away from mother creator bossom, the

Supreme is a jealous type and when He sees that I

was the only one mother Creator was devoting all

her time into, he used the excused that I’m now of

age to be free from mother Creator’s bossom.

Tho all the angels still refer to me as the little one,

i doubt if they even remember my real name,

Getting a building of my own and having nothing to

do, I decided to pick which angel I will be staying

with most.

I decided to go for the son of the supreme, the

greater one but decided against it because he is the

boring type.

He is always serious and don’t joke with people,

that was what I thought without knowing that I was


So I settled for brother Luci.

every day was always filled with fun with brother

Luci, after he’s free from the supreme, he will

teach me how to play different types of instrument

and also how to train my voice to be like his own.

He was a very good and jovial angel, he liked me so

much and I also liked him, we play like we’re of the

same age where as he’s older than me with 9

millenniums and the same goes to other angels,

the angel using the least age to senior me is 5

millenniums. So they always refer to me as the

little one and refuse to play with me.

I was almost at the same standard with brother Luci

in terms of singing and playing of different sorts of

instruments before he rebelled against the

supreme one with some angels from the warrior

squad, brother Luci is not good in fighting so he had

to convinced some angels from the warrior squad

to help him and brought some demons from hades

too to assist him.

But with all his support, he lost to brother Michael.

I wave of the thought in my head as I flew to the

magnificent hall, everyone had already settled

down, and I was the last to enter. I quickly tiptoed

inside in order not to be seen by the supreme that

I was late but he’s already caught me.

” always late “the Supreme directed at me as he

looked into the mother Creator who was sitting on

the throne at his left hand side face.

Mother Creator quickly took her gaze away from

him and looked into mine with smile which I

reciprocated with mine.

But something was different in the setting that day,

their was a human in front of the throne, and it was

a female, she has magnificent beauty and she was

shining in glory.

” oops” i said knocking my head when I

remembered that that day was the tenth day after

the creation of the last perfect being.

Every ten days, a perfect being is been created, and

the creation of perfect beings is always monitored

by the supreme and mother creator themselves.

A single day in heaven equivalent to ten years on

earth, so a perfect being is always sent down to

earth every 100 years.

I knew the meeting was for the purpose of

selecting a guardian angel for the perfect being.

It has being my desire to go down to earth and stay

with the little being, but I have never been

selected as a guardian angel before because I

wasn’t among the angel warriors and I wasn’t ready

to be.

The perfect beings are always posed to face

different types of persecutions and evil on earth

because of how they are, they can be created in

form of male or female.



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They are blessed with divine beauty which cannot

been seen on earth, everything about them is

always perfect and they always shine brighter

among their colleagues, even beyond their


Because of their nature, they are always threading

on dangerous road, so a guardian angel is always

sent with them to earth to wade off evil from their


And the main reason a guardian angel is needed

most and must be from the warrior angels is

because of brother Luci.

The water running inside the perfect beings is from

the water of life, normal little beings are created

with water of creation, but the perfect being are

created with water of life which runs in their blood.

A drop of Mixture of their blood with Hakintolite

water in to the middle of the earth will wipe out all

little beings from the surface of the earth.

Tho brother luci can’t lay his hand on Hakintolite

water but there’s nothing impossible when he’s able

to get the perfect one’s blood.

The supreme one announced the reason for the

meeting which we all know, selecting of the perfect

one’s guardian.

Brother Lucien was called forward, he’s the

assistant of brother Michael, and when the

supreme wanted to give him the responsibility of

being the guardian angel, the greater one spoke for


Ever since brother Luci has been cast down, I

started getting closer to the greater one, I didn’t

know he was also fun to be with until I got closer to


He so much love the little ones and he shared the

love to me.

Being with him for a long time made me also

cherish the little ones.

He knows that I wish to stay among the little ones

but I can’t be given the chance because of my


It got to a time when the greater one was sent to

live among the little ones as a human for three

days, I cried everyday just to make him take me

along but he couldn’t because it was a mission

meant for him only.

When he came back, he promised me that he was

going to find a way for me to stay among the little


Even if it is as a shadow i.e guardian angel.

Ever since the day he promised me, I have gotten

closer to brother Michael so that I could learn how

to fight and the reason was unknown to brother

Michael only the greater one knew of my plan.

After some training from brother Michael, I have

been training alone inside my garden.

” father, I wish you allow Benmanna to be the

guardian angel of the perfect being ” he said to the

surprise of everyone inside the hall,

They all know me to be an immature angel and

living the fate of the perfect one to my hand was a

something they didn’t saw coming,

Everyone inside the hall including mother Creator

and the supreme being looked into the eye of the

greater one with disbelief, they didn’t expect him

to bring forth such an opinion,

” who did you say should be the guardian angel of

the perfect being ” the supreme one asked the

greater one with a serious tone.

” Benmanna ” the greater one replied confidently,

“and why do you propose him ” the supreme one

asked again

“Because he’s fit for the task ” the greater replied

which led to everyone inside the hall to burst into

laughter excluding mother Creator and I

“I don’t believe am hearing this from you when you

know how delicate this mission is ” the supreme

one retorted with anger ”

” I’m sure he’s capable of the mission father, just

give him a chance ” the greater one replied trying

to influence the supreme one’s decision

” Benmanna ” the supreme one called with a harsh

tone, ” yes your Highness ” I replied standing up

“Move to the middle ” the supreme one

commanded and I obeyed moving to the middle

” mention some of the guidelines of being a

guardian angel ” the supreme asked knowing well

that I will not know it.

Everything pertaining to being a guardian angel is

only known by the angel warriors because it is their

duty, but the greater one also knew about it and he

had devoted some of his time to taught me.

I stood transfixed at the spot with a blank

expression, everyone already thought I didn’t know

it and when the supreme made to speak, I quickly

voiced out.

” hurt not the innocent little ones, ye must be

ready and prepare every time for war that may be

posed by the wicked little ones, guarding the

perfect one is your main duty, never get distracted

in the course of discharging your duty, blablablabla

” I listed out all the guidelines without omitting


Everyone inside the magnificent hall were

surprised excluding the greater one who was busy

smiling and winking at me.

I could tell that the supreme one was also


” well, someone has been learning ” the supreme

one later voiced out thinking of what more he

could use to take me off from being the guardian


” in order to show us that you’re capable of being

the guardian angel, you must defeat Lucien who

was supposed to be the one doing the job ” he

spoke to the surprise of everyone inside the hall,

Brother Lucien was the next in command to

Brother Michael, he’s very powerful and strong and

a valour in battle.

Everyone inside the hall thought I don’t stand a

chance against him,

” the immature one against fierce Lucien, it’s

already a lost fight ” I heard someone spoke among

the angels, but I didn’t do as if I heard it.

” Lucien, step forward ” the supreme one

commanded and brother Lucien stood up walking

towards me

” you’ll spar with Benmanna and the winner will be

the guardian angel ” the supreme one said which

forced a smile out of brother Lucien lip.

I was smiling deep inside me too because I was

sure of myself, no one knows the hidden power I’ve

inside of me,

When I was made neutral and immune to the code

guarding the angels of being a participant in a post,

mother creator bestowed on me the ability to

exceed excellently in everything I wish to learn.



Not going into details of how the fight went, I won

it tho it was very hard, many people couldn’t

believe this and I saw the rage in brother Lucien

eye but I am just a type who isn’t bothered by


I was granted the permission to follow the perfect


The supreme one snapped his finger and I was

clothed with a golden armour and a golden sword.

After the necessary procedures ,we were set to go.

When the perfect one and I were going to the


I asked the perfect being where she choosed to be


” Africa, precisely in Nigeria ” she replied


” what! ” I exclaimed shockingly

I almost ran back to forsake the task but it was

already too late



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