Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

dandy went to mr.titus and they began to discuss together jovially.


– Dandy: sir i noticed that your company is having a little bankrupt.


Mr. Titus: yes, our expenses last month was higher than our income.


Dandy: and that is why i want to make a proposal.


Mr. Titus: what proposal?


Dandy: if you let me marry your daughter, you won’t have problem with money. I will make sure to pay all your debts




. Titus: really! If so go on. I give you all support.


– Then dandy gave a little deadly smile to himself and then his phone began to ring. He took excuse to answer the call.


– Dandy: hello, what’s up, is it done? Phone caller: perfectly sir.


Dandy: okay you know where to meet me. I will be there soon with your money phone caller: okay sir, i am waiting.


– Then he cut the call. As dandy turned to go back into the house he was surprise to see rose staring at him.


– Dandy:asked nervously) what’s that?


Rose: nothing. I am just walking to my car.


– Then she walked passed him. He then began to wonder if she heard his conversion.




As Helen was busy preparing dinner, Sandra rushed in calling.


Sandra: ma’am Helen! Ma’am Helen!!


Helen: (rushing out of the house) what is it!


Sandra: (painting) haven’t you heard what happened? Edy is now in the hospital. A group of boys beat him mercilessly.


Helen: (surprise) what!!! Her heart skipped two beats then she continued


. Tell me you are joking.


Sandra: how can i run all the way here just to lie to you. Come on lets rush to the hospital.


Helen: okay wait let me get ready.


– Then she rushed inside and in no time , she was out as both of them headed to the central hospital. as soon as they got to the hospital, they saw Charles who was one of their neighbours.


. He was walking from one pillar to the other looking troubled. He saw when those boys was beating Edward up so he rushed up to his aid and attacked them chasing them away from him. He used his bus to take him to the hospital when he realized that he was in the bridge between life and death. Main while he sent Sandra to inform Helen about what happened before they went to the hospital. On seeing them, he said.


– Charles: ma, a group of boys wanted to kill Edy today. In fact he was almost dead.


Helen: but why???


Charles: i don’t know. I just saw them landing a heavy stick on him so i rushed with my own stick and chased them away.


Helen: thanks any way. But i don’t know what is wrong with Edward, yesterday morning i saw him beating up some one and today a group of boys got him beaten Charles: cuts in) not just beating but to the point of death. Helen: (crying) oh God, save me from all these.


– Sandra walked up to her and started consoling her.


– Helen: so where is he now, can i see him?


Charles: no, the doctor said that no one is permitted to see him now. Just then the doctor walked in and they rushed to him


Helen: is my son okay?


Doctor: ma calm down


Helen: how did you expect me to calm down? Please is he alright.


Doctor: i am sorry madam. Your son is..


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