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– – Rose watched In anger and anxiety as Edward pull out from the kiss almost immediately.


Her heart was pounding so hard as if it is going to break her chest open.


That’s one of the scene she abhorred so much in her life.


The feeling of Jealousy freaks her out.


Thank God her heart cooled up the moment he withdrew from that bewitching kiss.


She then paid maximum attention to know what He has to say.)


– Edward: to Anita) what’s wrong with you? What exactly did you come to do here?


Anita: going close to him) how many times did i have to tell you i am back to be with you.


Edward: me??? that’s impossible. (he went and stood beside Rose and gave her a kiss on her cheek)


Anita: why can’t it be possible?


Edward: because its too late now


. Its over between us.


Anita : please don’t do this to me now. I accept the fact i made a terrible mistake of going with him. He is into bad dealings and illegal transportation of drugs and arm weapons. I am not safe with him. I was arrested and he denied me. Glory be to God i escaped. Coming back here, every one hates me. If you leave me, i will have no one to run to. My world will fall apart


. Please . I promise to love you better. I will never leave you again.


Edward: chai, that’s a pity. Sorry for your misfortune. But its already over between us.


Anita: (tears dropped from her eyes) i am begging you Edward.


Edward: have you forgotten that i begged you too? When you said its over between us. I pleaded with tears too? (he held rose tightly to himself and kissed her forehead. He continued afterwards) as you can see , she going to be my wife in few days time. So i am using this opportunity to invite you. Its not too late now. We can give you the material so you can sew and join our ashebi group.


(with that rose busted into laughter. Soon Edward caught her lips with his.


. The kiss was passionate and the heat was too much. He slide his tongue into her mouth and she the same. Anita stumped out of the house when she couldn’t bear the scene any more.


****** AT THE WEDDING *****


Rose was surprise to see her father in front of the church the moment she came down from the car with her beautiful white wedding gown.


Edward had did it Again.


He placed Mr.Titus name in the list of those to be granted presidential pardon by the new president.


As God may have it, he was release before the wedding ceremony.


And it was a secret which yielded a gigantic surprise to Rose on her Wedding day.)


– Mr.titus: no question for now daugther


(mr. Titus said as he saw the questioning look in her eyes. He walked her down the alter where Edward and Thomas his body body was standing in the same cute style of suit looking super handsome.)


Priest: Mr. Edward Johnson, did you accept the young lady beside you as your lawfully wedded wife , in sickness and in pain, for better for worst till death do you part?


Edward: yes i do


Priest: to Rose who is already allsmiles) Mis Rose Titus, did you accept the gentle man beside you as your lawfully wedded Husband, in wealth and in health. For better for worst till death do you part?


Rose: yes i do Priest: to Edward) you can now kiss your bride (edward moved closer to Rose who was glaring at him passionately.)


Edward: today is the most special day of my life because it remains the day i became complete. I love you so much Rose. And i will love you forever (he removed the vale covering her face)


Rose: i Love you too My Edward. (with that, their lips found their way together as the congregation cheered and clapped for them




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