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Rose: Edward what are you doing here so early this morning? (she asked when she had found her voice)


Edward: i came to see you


Rose: why?


Edward: at least let me in first (with that she stood beside the door and watched as he walked in with the rose flower on his hand. he sat on the couch and she also sat on a couch opposite to him.)


Rose: what is it that brought you here this morning ( he cleared his throat first thinking of the best way to table his speech)


Edward: i came to say thank you


Rose: for what?


Edward:for your kind gesture


Rose : i don’t get you


Edward: i made my self a promise to reward the unknown doctor who treated me after i escaped from kidnapping with bullets in my leg and hand


. Its unfortunate that you happened to be the unknown doctor.


So i was thinking of repaying your generosity.


Rose: smiling in mockery) wow is that so? That’s very good of you. Medicine after death is a complete wrong prescription.


Edward: i don’t get you


Rose: raising her voice) did you need to get me? When i ask you to drop the charge against my father for my reward did you heed to that? (Edward faced the tiled floor timidly. He wanted to say something but all the words he knew vanished away.)

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Rose: you humiliated me in your office because of your ex lover! As if that wasn’t enough, you fired your innocent Secretary because she informed you that i came to see you! So what kind of reward do i expect from you now? Flower? Doctors are not paid with flowers! (at this junction, tears flowed from her eyes


. Edward was deeply sad, he went on his knees immediately)


Edward: please forgive me. I know i was so mean, but sits action that brings reaction. You know i have gone through a lot and all changed me. I am now ready to make a change please hear me out.


(he began to walk with his knee to where she was)


Edward: i was having a very Bad day the day i fired my secretary. I told her i want to be left alone but she won’t follow my orders thats why i sacked her. I never knew you are the one looking for me.


(she stood up and made effort to walk away from him when he was close enough to her but he held her hand)


Edward: i am really sorry for all. I promise to amend my ways. I can no longer pretend i don’t love you when i know deep Down in me that i Love you more than ever.


(their was tears in his eyes too. She was puzzled for a while after hearing what he said)


Rose: Edward i waited so long for you to come back to me but you didn’t. I rejected so many friend requests from different men because i was Hoping to be with you. I swallowed my pride and came to your office to tell you my feeling but you rejected me several times and it Broke my heart.


Edward: that is why i am here to make amendment. Just tell me what i need to do to earn your forgiveness


(she now turned to him and helped him to his feet.)


Rose: just leave through that door. Go home and concentrate on your new lover because it’s too late to start seeking for my heart. Some one else have it now.


(his heart scattered on hearing what she said. The pain he felt in his heart when Anita left him didn’t measure up to the one in his heart now. )


Edward: i don’t have a lover!


Rose: well it has nothing to do with me.


Edward: rose please listen to me. If you reject me like this, i will …


Rose: you rejected me several times. When you are done, just make use of the door.


(with that, she left the sitting room and went into her bed room. She collapsed on the bed and began to weep. Did she really say those mean word to him? Her heart was banging her chest painfully for her to realise that she has acted against her wish. She had long been hoping he would come to her and now he did , she had chased him away. Her inner goddess kept blaming her and reminding her that he is the Man her soul longed for not Basil. Soon, she heard the door opening slowly and then closed.


. It was then that it hit her head that she is about to loose him forever. she quickly stood on her feet and started walking around the room muttering to her self.)


Rose: what do i do? I need a solution, What do i do?” (when she couldn’t control her self any more, she ran to the sitting room. He was not there but his flower was still there on the table. She took it up and read the short message. I CAN NEVER STOP LOVING YOU ROSE. Her heart blew pop corn after reading it. She dropped the flower carefully on the table and ran to the door. She went down the passage but their wasn’t a sign of him. She ran down the stair case to the compound and there she saw him entering his car.


Rose: Edward! Wait!! (Edward turned back and saw her running to him and before he knew what she was upto, she had pressed herself into his body in a super tight Hug.)


Rose: i love you


Edward. I can’t stop loving you too.

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