Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Rose: i know you must be very mad at me.


I accept it that I’m the cause.


I allowed him into my life because i needed his help back in school.


Please forgive me. She pleaded in tears.


Tears also forced themselves out of Edward’s eyes but he was quick to clean them up immediately.


Edward: i am ashamed for being angry at you. Forgive me for being .


Rose: we are good now

. Right?


– She finally asked with smile as Edward walked to her and huged her.


– Edward: yes!!! Honestly, i can’t live with out you.


– Soon, she left and after a few minutes, another car entered the compound. He came out and realize that it was dandy.


Edward: (angrily) what are you doing here?


Dandy: with smiles) is it obvious,? are you surprised? (then turned serious) listen man, my mission here is simple. Just stay away from Rose. she is mine. Not yours. Understood!!!


Edward: (laughing) hahaaa!!!, i was even planning to give you exactly this warning. You know she never love you, so stay away from her for good!


Dandy:(angrily)how dear you speak to me like that? Don’t you know your class?


Edward: oh yea! I know my class. I shouldn’t be wasting my time speaking to a no-class man like you.


-It was now obvious that dandy was filled with anger he shouted out of anger.


– Dandy: repeat that again!!!


Edward: oh ,may be you are just deaf


. I said you are no-class man.


– Dandy rushed over to him and threw him a blow but he blocked it with his right hand and said.


– Edward: i won’t have you do this in my own house!


– Dandy repeated the blow again and Edward blocked it and said again.


– Edward: final warning. Try it again and i swear, you won’t like my color after noticing it.


– More so dandy ignored his warning and tried once more with another blow and Edward dourge it quickly and then gave him his own blow hard on the nose. Now dandy was very furious, he stepped back a little, folded his arm and ran toward Edward for a fight. Main while, Edward did not make any move, he just studied to know his weak point and how to attack him. When dandy was near enough to him with speed, Edward immediately gave him a very hard, and ugly kick under the middle of his waist .


. Then dandy groan loudly in pain as he gradually fell to the ground. The noise he made caught the attention of Helen who was busy at the back of the house. She immediately rushed out to know what exactly was going on. On reaching, she saw her son all over some one on the ground throwing him merciless pounced at the face like wise also giving him the earth to eat.


– Helen: will you stop that Edward! What’s wronge with you? Edward: mum, this idiot came here to fight me. How did you expect me to play a gentle man role over it?


– Then he let go of dandy whose face looked nearly like a masquerade. he managed to get up. His fore-face was swollen, his lips was bleeding and his mouth of filled with sand. He immediately began to vomit the sand out of his mouth and when was through, he went to his car and before he left he said to Edward.


– Dandy: listen to me man, this isn’t over. It is still far from over. I swear that you will regret ten times for this.


– Edward: my friend , you can’t do more than a dead rat! Edward screamed back at him before he entered his car




The next day around evening, Edward was coming back from work and he got to a lowly street walking alone with out any companion. Just then a group of boys surrounded him each with a fat stick as hard as a kitchen pistol

To be continued

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