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Edward: please don’t get upset. Its better i be frank now than breaking your heart later


Martina: which junction are you driving to? I can’t get you


Edward: i don’t know what you and my father is upto, but i think its proper to let you know that i am not in for that. My heart belongs to some one else. Please bear with me.


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. (Martina’s face dulled up immediately with anger)


Martina: your heart belong to someone else? Is it Anita? How long will it take you to accept the fact she is gone? She is no more yours!


Edward: its not about her


Martina: then about who?


Edward: keep your voice down, you are causing a scene


Martina: don’t dare tell me that. Who then do your heart belongs to if not her?


Edward: for now all i have to say is that my heart belongs to some one else. (before Edward could finish his statement, he received a slap from her which drew the attention of every one in the bar to them,)


Martina: so you brought me here to tell me jargon? Keep that story for your self ! Useless Human *being* . (with that, she picked up her purse and walked out of the bar, Edward was left holding his cheek painfully as all eyes glared at him.


Some people in the bar recognized him and started snapping him.


That was going to be another set of news the press will carry out again POPULAR MUSICIAN EDWARD BEING DUMPED TWICE BY A LADY IN A RESTAURANT.


When he couldn’t bear the embarrassment again he angrily settled the waiter and stumped out of the bar.


And drove home.


On entering the sitting room, the first thing he encountered was a slap from his father on the same cheek.


That was definitely the first time the old man was raising his hand on him) Johnson: how dare you do that to her? (edward was still in the shock of the slap he received


. He was dumbfounded for a while watching his father yell at him)


Johnson: Didn’t i tell you its improper to break a lady’s heart? Did you know how broken that young lady is right now? Did you know how she cried when she called me? Don’t you have a guilty conscience in you??? Why did you do that to her? – (the more he screamed the more Edwards heart swelled up like a balloon and at length, it busted through his mouth)


Edward: because i don’t feel any thing for her! I don’t love her!


Johnson: but she loves you! You just broke her heart! Its not right for a gentle man like you!


Edward: oh come on dad , Spare me that lesson! Don’t claim to be perfect when you’re not. Are you not the one that had abandoned my mum in pregnancy? Don’t you think that it broke her heart at the highest rate? Dad if you love her, why not go ahead and marry her? I rather have her as a step mother than a wife (after his mean words, he went up the stairs to his room leaving Johnson behind to ponder on all he said.


After all, his son was right.


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He broke Helen’s heart because he was too weak to fight for her back then .


He isn’t perfect so he shouldn’t be lecturing on being perfect.


But then, he wouldnt love any of his child to repeat the same mistake he did.


He sat on the white couch and cupped his jaw inbetween his hands as he thought of what to do.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It was now two days but the incident at the bar were still fresh as a fresh vegetable to rose.


Each time she close her eyes, she sees Edward.


At work she didn’t even concentrate , she wondered how he managed to have effect on her in such a way.


She can’t stay alone with out hearing the echoes and re-echoes of his sweet voice in the rest room.


When she looked into his eyes, all she saw was sincerity of affection.


She kept pondering on what he was up to at that bar. Could it be possible he still have feelings for her? Why did he break up with her? Could there be possibility of him getting back with her? What if he comes and ask for her heart again just like he did on the st. Valentine day in secondary school? All these question ran down her mind with out an answer.


At length. She caution her self that her thought were all illusions.


Basil will soon propose to her and she is going to say yes.


She kept thinking until she heard a knoke at the door


She withdrew from her bed and went to the door of the sitting room.


– Rose; who is that? (their was no reply.


She Turned around thinking it was for her neighbours, when she heard the knoke again, She quickly went to the door and opened it.


To her greatest surprise, she saw Edward standing in front of the door.


His two hands were hidden behind him like he was hiding some thing. And her heart skipped double beats

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