Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Edward: rose (he called softly as he paused at the center of the small room.


She didn’t say a word nor turn to look at him. She sniffed glueing her eyes down her skirt. )


Edward: Rose are you okay? (he asked with a voice soft with affection)


Rose: yes i am (she managed to say as she wiped the tears in her eyes with the back of her hand) what are you doing her? I’m pretty sure this is a female rest room not male.


Edward: are you sure you are okay? (he asked again ignoring her question)


Rose: yes i am fine? (she faked a smile before turning to him) sorry, i gotta be going now. (she walked passing him but at the door step, he held her hand)


Edward: Your eyes are teary


. Have you been crying?


Rose: why do you care? Aren’t you suppose to be with your new girl friend?


Edward: i was just………


Basil: baby what have been keeping you so long. I have exhausted all my effort waiting for you. (basil interrupted them as he stood at the door post where Rose was standing. With that , Edward let go of her hand glaring at them with disappointment.)


Basil: Bae ,your eyes is wet have you been crying? what’s wrong? Who is this guy ? Did he hurt you??? (basil boil being ready to fight if she confirms his hunch to be correct)


Rose: am okay basil. An insect caught my eyes.


. Its not a problem. (she started walking towards the bar leaving the both of them behind) Basil Shut a deadly glare at Edward which was described as STAY OFF before leaving.


Edwards mind blew pop corn the moment he left. He used to think he doesn’t have any feeling reserved for her but seeing her with another Guy proved his sub-conscious mind wrong.


The gravity of his feeling for her was descending on him with full force.


He felt his world would be worthless if he watch his first love vanish from him within a twinkle of an eye.


If he had known Anita will end up disappointing him, he would have accepted her the very time she showed up in his office looking so alluring and pretty.


He felt his mind leaving him as he thought of what to do.


He quickly walked back to the bar where he was sitting with Martina ),


Martina: Edward, you are acting so wield and strange.


Edward: that’s because you can’t really understand me.”


Martina: with time, i will do (edward smiled as he looked intently into her eyes.


Sadly, he didn’t see any thing beyond her eye balls which was staring at him too.


When he had looked into Rose eyes earlier , he saw love , trust , affection, future and so on. Hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to the group read more stories from there.


He felt the chemistry and the butter fly was flying around his stomach but with martina, he bluntly Feel nothing )


Martina: Eddy , this one you are looking at me like this?


Edward: i was just admiring you


Martina: (smiling) really?


Edward: (smiling) yes. You are very beautiful and alluring, your eyes is charming ( she grinned broadly showing all her dentition like a fool) your nose is pointed like the beauty princess of America. (she chuckled) your lips is wonderful.


Any Guy that had a taste of it is really favoured by God


MARTINA: stop flattering me. (he took his hand to her chin and caressed it softly)


Edward: no am not flattering you. Your beauty is some thing to bow for. Your skin is as smooth as a model and your curves are fantastic. I think God was showing off his talent while he was creating you.


Martina: wow thanks


Edward: sincerely babe , i must confess you are beautiful. But its unfortunate and sad That ……… (he paused and look away from her eyes.)


Martina: sad and unfortunate that what happen? (she asked curiously digging his face with her eyes for an immediate reply) – –





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