Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Rose was dressing up in her room when her phone rang.


It was Norah calling so she picked it up.


– Norah: hello dearie


Rose; hi bae. Guess what


Norah: you should know am not good in guessing. Just tell me.


Rose: Basil is here and he asked me out.


Norah: wow. Did you say yes.


Rose: of course!


Norah: but what about your Edward.


Rose: my Edward? He’s not mine bae


. I am done waiting for him. Am not getting any younger.


Norah: okay my dear. Just enjoy your date with Basil. But remember , don’t drink much so you won’t act stupid.


Rose: its noted. I gotta go now.


Norah: okay bye.




The call went dead.


She was already through dressing and making up, so she walked briskly to the sitting room where the fair handsome Basil was sitting patiently.


– Basil: wow, you look beautiful (he complimented)


Rose: (giving out a broad smile) thanks . Lets get going


-he stood and held her right hand and they walked out of the room like a couple.


Soon they were at the bar.


They placed their orders and it was served.


Just as they started eating, Rose spotted Edward with a young lady sitting round a table in a short distance from them.


It was obvious Edward saw them first.


He was trying fulfill his father’s wish but had no idea that Rose will be in the same bar with her lover.


He felt his heart cracking the moment he spotted them holding hands like a happy couple.


He watched on with jealousy as they took seat together. Martina was busy consuming her food while he only drank as he glared at his ex


. he kept staring at her untill she flinched after catching eyes with him.


Rose also lost her interest in eating after seeing Edward.


He was the last person she wished to see at the moment.


And probably seeing him with another lady caused her heart to bleed.


She made him a promise and he made her a promise that they will get married to each other.


Why is he doing this to her after all odds have been passed.


She hoped that he will at least forget the past now that her father is paying for his crimes behind bars.


Thinking about him scattered his mind so much.


If only he can come to her, hug her and tell her what she needs to hear.


She will forget all her sorrows and become the happiest person on earth.


For a while, Basil watched her as she played with her spoon.


She had barely touched her food and her face was more dull than a rainy cloud. He was bothered about her sudden change of emotion


– ‘- Basil: Rose, (he touched her hand but she didn’t feel the Chemistry which she does back then when ever Edward touches her) you look sad and you have barely touched your food. What’s the problem? Don’t you like the food? You can always order for another one – (he said with a voice soft with affection. )


– Rose: don’t bother your self.


. I am okay. I just need to use the rest room. (she said then ran out before the tears she has been fighting so hard to control broke from her eyes)


– – – – –


Martina: Edy, you are not eating your food. What’s the problem? (Martina asked when she was done eating her food)


Edward: I’m not hungry. (he said dryly)


Martina: then you shouldn’t have ordered any food


Edward: how are we to seat in the same table with you eating while i stare at you? Think about it nah


Martina: okay. That’s not going to be a problem.


-Edward was feeling perplex all through the while Rose left. He just wished he could have at least an opportunity to talk to her. But what really is he going to tell her? Well he left that one pending.


He only need to see her that moment else he goes crazy. With that, He faked a hard cough and asked for an excuse from Martina to go to the rest room.




Rose was still crying in front of the mirror when the door opened behind her. She watched through the Mirror as Edward came in and immediately , she found her body trembling as he came closer and closer. – –




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