Tue. May 28th, 2024

Mr.johnson went to Kennedy’s house with his family as was scheduled.


They were please to welcome them and definitely, It more like a friendly reunion.


Nikkei kept chitchatting with Martina who was crushing on Edward.


She steals a glance at him where he was each seconds.


He was busy drinking and drinking.


His voice was heard only at the exchange of pleasantries.


– Nikkei: you have been staring at my brother for long. (she said to her friend when she found out she hadn’t been listening to what she was saying) Martina: you have a cute brother.


Nikkei: yea


. Did you like him?


Martina: tell me who wouldn’t?


Nikkei: wow. You can gain his attention if you could draw nearer to him.


Martina: you are making sense. It seems he’s lonely. Let me go and keep him company for a while.


– (with that, Martina left to where Edward had been seating. )


– Martina: you want some more drink? (she asked when after observing the drink in his cup has gone down)


Edward: sure (he raised his cup and she filled it with liquor. After that, she sat besides him)


martina: i never knew Uncle Johnson has a son. A very handsome one for that matter.


. I thought his family was just like ours with Only one daugther.


Edward: actually, i was lost but now is found.


Martina: smiling) you are funny.


Edward: it not funny. So tell me, what’s your Educational qualification? (he asked and they went on discussing and discussion.


Their discussion even went longer than she had imagined.


Mr.johnson was having a good conversation with his friend but his attention was just on his son.


He kept smiling as he watched the two discuss jovially.


He was happy his plans were gradually coming to pass.


For Long he haven’t seen his son smile but today, he managed to show his teeth inbetween something that looks like smile.


-Johnson: (to his friend) i believe your daugther is a very nice girl. She managed to put smile on my son’s lips who hadn’t smiled for long now.


Kennedy: yes. She is always jovial


Johnson: i am planning on getting a wife for my son because i am not getting any younger. I need to see my grand children before leaving the jovialt


Kennedy : you are not the only one thinking about that. You don’t know how long i have been waiting curiously for my daugther to come home and introduce her fiancee.


Johnson: so that makes us birds of the same feathers.


Kennedy: that’s right Johnson: so lets make a deal. I believe your daugther is a good girl and she will make a good wife to my son. I am thinking of getting her for my son.


Kennedy: wow what a perfect plan. But then; they are the one to make their decision. Hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to the page to enjoy more stories from the group.

Johnson: what kind of decision again? Can’t you see they are already getting along. They will just fall in love with each other by the space of little time.


Kennedy :so its a deal. I will love it when my friend becomes my inlaw (the both old men began to laugh.


Soon it was time to leave , Johnson went to Martina and had a few words with her.


He told her to come over to their house to have dinner with them the following day and she accepted the invitation warmly


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