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Rose told them every thing she had with Edward in the past.


How they started dating right from secondary school.


How they had planned their life together.


How dandy and his father stood as a hindrance.


How she ran away with him.


How he lose his mother during that incident.


How she broke up with him for his own good and how she ran away on her wedding day.


She also told them how he was being kidnapped and how the crime planners paid for their crimes.


-Betty: this is really sad to hear. This guy has gone through a lot.


Nora: yes but why should he be drinking away his brain away in the bar by that time of the night?


Rose: he was devastated


. His fiance broke up with him a week to their wedding Betty: soo sad


NORA: but Rose lets get to some thing? Do you still love him?


Rose: yes i always do.


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. I ran away on my wedding day because i have a hope of being with him when all the storms are over.


Nora: and i guess this is the best opportunity for you to get back with him.


Betty: but what of Basil? Don’t you think he will get hurt?


Nora: for all i could understand, rose is yet to say yes to him.


Rose: i Love Edward with all my heart but i don’t know if he still Loves me.”


Nora: girl you have to go for him now


Rose: but i don’t want to look so desperate


Nora: just remove your fear. He can fall in love with you again


. Just go now before its too late


Rose: thanks for your advice. I will just plan for it.




Johnson: son, there is one of my friend i would love you to meet!


– Johnson said to Edward after a dinner a particular night


– Edward: is he one of our business associates?


Johnson: not actually. He is an old friend. He came back to Nigeria with his wife and beautiful daugther last month. I want to pay them a welcome visit


Nikkei: Dad. Is it Mr.Kennedy? Johnson: exactly!


Nikkei: said with a smiling face) so my friend Martina is in town now?


Johnson: yes my dear


Edward: wow, it seems they are a close family friends just like the Armands.


Nikkei: yes bro. You needs to meet my friend Martina. She’s a very beautiful and nice girl


Edward: so when will that be? Johnson: evening tomorrow.


Nikkei: dad i am going as well Johnson: you are always free


Edward: okay dad. The date is saved.



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