Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

Edward was drinking in the sitting room when his father walked in.


He was baffled after watching him for a while.


Johnson: son this is not good for you enough for you. Shey you promised not to drink again.


Edward: dad, i promise never to get my self drunk at the bar not at home.


Johnson: since a month now you have been too cold. You haven’t gone over Anita


. Please my dear you have to. Life goes on with out her.


Edward: i have heard.. But allow me to drink. Its the only thing that takes my sadness away.


. (he said arrogantly)


– Johnson left him and went into his room.


For hours he sat and thought of what to do to revive his son and bring him back to normal again.


After a while, an idea crossed his mind.


Since He knew that his son’s problem is love.


He needs some one to make him fall in love again so as to occupy the vacuum which anita have left.


Also he needs a grandson after all.


With that he began to make arrangements on how to bring a wife for his son.


Now the question remains who will that be? Who will he accept will he accept to fall in love with that easily?.


Well , he is an experienced man.


He should know what’s best for his son.




Rose was in the mist of her two friends in her apartment.


They were into a tight conversion


– Betty: Rose who was that guy that almost broke bottle on your head.


Nora: betty so you don’t know who Edward is?


Betty: how am i to know if you do not tell me.


Nora: well you are the only one around this area that doesn’t know who Edward is. Havent you listened to the music “cruel Love?”


Betty: i have heard it some where but i don’t really know who sang it.


Nora: he sang it with his twiny


. The both are known as Exploits


Betty: wow tell me something. I am already having a crush on him. Can he afford to buy a wrist watch worth of 5 million for me during my next birthday?


Rose: you are sick. Go for medical check up! How can you be falling for some one you don’t even know? (rose attacked betty verbally)


Betty: easy girl. It seems you have a thing for him.


Rose: we has a past together


-the other two ladies opened a wide eyes at her in surprise


– Nora: i don’t get you Rose.


Rose: yes. We had a past together. He used to be my lover.


Betty: rose , i don’t know you to be a fabricator. How can you fabricate a story for us?


Rose: its not calumny, its sincerely the truth.


Nora: now tell me what i don’t know. How and what latter happened?


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