Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Edward dislodged his eyes from the Door and cthanneled it toward his father before replying.


– Edward: Dad, that’s not what we should be talking about now.


Mr.johnson: you are right son. I should be scolding you for leaving without your guards ! I should be shouting at you for being drunk! I should be shouting at you for driving Drunk and being engaged in an accident. What were you thinking for Christ sake! Did you want your poor old man to die of heart attack? Did you want your sister Nikkei to be alone in the world? What will happen to my business?


– Edward began to weep uncontrollably.


He felt really sorry for the pains his father is passing through because of him.


– Edward: i am sorry Dad.


. I was heart broken. Please forgive me.” i never mean to kill my self


– Mr.johnson was also shedding tears just like his son


– Mr.Johnson: its okay (he held his hand on the bed) its all the fault of that Girl who don’t know how to handle people’s heart.


– just then, thomas walked in. He stood at the door timidly looking at both father and Son


. He was scared because A day ago, Mr.johnson went to their house and quarreled with them severely. He promised to make them his life time enemy if his son fails to survive the accident.


– after so much deliberation, he walked in fully.


– Mr.johnson:justturn around and leave! Its because of your sister that my son is lying here in hospital (Johnson barked on seeing him)


Thomas: , i am really sorry for what my sister did. No one is happy on that. Believe me, i am really angry with her.


Edward: Dad, its ok. Its not his fault but that of his sister.


– with that, Johnson stepped out of the way for Thomas toe approach him.


– Thomas: edy I’m really sorry. I have to fly from Abuja to Lagos as soon as i heard you had an accident


Edward: its okay. What about your sister?


Thomas: I’m sorry, she just traveled with that her Godson of a guy to Dubai.


Every one was against her decision but it seems her mind was already made up.


– more tears flowed down Edwards cheek but Thomas cleaned them with his palm.


– Thomas: its okay bestie.


Every thing happens for a reason.


May be, she’s one meant for you.


You will find the right person soon.




A weeks latter, Edward was discharged from the Hospital.


He started work in his office again but then.


The cheerful man he always use to be was no longer there. He is now an arrogant mean man.


He shouts at every body at any slightest Mistake and that made people fear him so much.


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