Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Rose looked up above the ceiling when she had reach the door step, and with a pure and sincere mind, she said a short and silent prayer.


* Rose: please Lord, i beg of you, just show us your mercy, show him your mercy and deliver him from this attrocity. Since a week now, no form of reaction from him please, make him get better.


.- Then silently, she opened the door and exhaled deeply then took a glance at the bed where Edward was lying and found him stareing at her. She was obviously happy, God did answerd her prayer even before she prayed.


. although she had said similar prayer at home;


– Rose: wow! Thanks Goodness, you are now awake; .


At that point she had to pretend as if she wasn’t touched by his condition.


She went over to him and checked on him, she made sure to avoid eye contact with him.


when she was done, she tried to leave the room and here he held her hand, and she stopped with out saying a word.


She was backing him and facing directly toward the door .


She waited for him to say some thing.


– Edward: Rose(;(he called) Rose: yes (she replied)


Edward: how did i got here? (he asked politely )


– she then turned and glared at his eyes


– Rose: you had an accident and your dad brought you here. I warned you sternly but instead of listerning, you broke bottles for me, at the end you Got your self into an accident.


Edward: i am really sorry for that (he said with sincerity of heart)


Rose: well, you dont really have to apologize


Edward: i mean for trying to injure you with bottle, i wasnt in my right mind


Rose: its nothing, i understand she said with a smile and he returned it,


Rose: but you have some explantion to make, why were you so depressed like that?


. (With sadness he explained to her all that happened between him and Anita, )


Edward: that was what happened and i cant bear all that pain


Rose: such a pity,


Edward: have you any .. Em …. Any boy friend?


Rose: why asking


Edward: i am thinking of … Mr.johnson walked in and that interrupted his speech.


Rose; i will just go on. get betterhappenedY

She said and left as Edward kept staring at the blank door;


*- Mr.johnson : thanks God you are awake. You almost killed ur self


– Edward didn’t reply. He kept glaring at the blank door.


– Mr.johnson: that girl loves you. I know you love her. Don’t you?


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