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Rose began to wonder what could bring Edward of Every body to the bar alone at night and leave him drinking himself to stupor. she lost concentration on the discussion she was having with her friends and paid all her attention on him, she observed how he pours drink into his cup and finishes it within three minutes, their were already twelve empty bottles of alcohol on his table of which he drank alone, when she cant bear it any more her left her friends and went over to him with the aim of stopping him from drinking then take him home if necessary


– Rose: EDWARD!!!!


Edward: Rose is that you, what on earth will a reasonable, beautiful, pretty and educated girl like you be doing in a bar by this time of the night, dont’ tell me you have been following me .


He said out drunkly(you know how a druken voice use to be) .


Rose: Edward you are drunk, will you stop drinking, its not good for your health. .


Edward: please dont stop me, she caused it! She broke my heart into pieces , and a broken heart has no spare part


. (still drunk)


Rose: but it can still be mended. Come on, stop this now lets start going . She tried to take the glass cup on his hand but he refused; they struggled for it before she snatched it from him, by now , he began to talk many nonsence and grab a bottle threating to break it on her head;


Edward: look young lady, you better live me alone, why are you taking pandol on my headache? Please leave before i mansaka you with this my foreign weapon; rose began to draw back as he came closer, he then broke the bottle purposely beside her and that scared her away.


. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her to a distant far from him;


* * *


Edward reluctantly paid for the broken bottle before he left and he was definitely the last customer to leave the bar that night


. He handle the staring not minding how drunk he was


* * the next morning , Rose was coming out of one of her patient’s ward when an ambulance brought in an injured patient who was engaged into a fatal accident, she went closer and saw it was Edward; blood was oozeing from his nose and his fore head was swollen up, the worst part of it was that he was unconcious. And then with out any haistitation, she helped the nurse in takeing him to the emergency room where the senior doctor was to do his work; she had a feeling that some thing likely similar was to happen that previous night of which she tried to help out but failed. She really wished that he did listerned to her, he wouldn’t be in this condition, she thought; before she came out, her eyes was really swollen where she was crying; more so when she saw his father walking up and down disgushtedly , he must really be touched by the incident;


– Mr. Johnson: are you the doctor in charge of my son’s treatment?


Rose: no sir, Mr. Johnson: so why crying, he asked with great amount of fear


Rose: dont worry sir, he would be fine;


Mr. Johnson: i hope so, you are the Daugther of mr. Titus right?


Rose : yes


Mr. Johnson: i have no idea you are a doctor


Rose.: , didnt they mention that i am the one that treated him when he was shot?


Mr. Johnson: oh really , so you are the unknown female doctor they were talking about?


Rose: yes sir


Mr. Johnson: i hope nothing happens to him, its all the fault of that stupid girl who accepted to marry him and later denied him at the dieing minute, i will never forgive her for that, (he lamented)


Rose: lets pray nothing happens to him first.



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