Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

With out bothering who it was at the door, he opened it to see the surprise visit of thomas and his wife.


His eyes opened wide and his lips spread abroad in an uncontrolable smile on sigthing them, he then exclaimed


– Edward: oh my gush! Is this Mr. And Mrs thomas?


Thomas: yes it is o Edward: oh come in, you are highly welcomed


– they came in with happiness, Edward left the room right away as soon as they had taken their seat to the inner room to get them a drink, within no time, he returned, he placed the drink and the glass cups on the table and then located his own seat. After staring at the happy couples for some moments, he called


– Dward: Mr


. Thomas!


Thomas: sir Edward


Edward: hows things nah


Thomas: fineoooo Edward: (hitting his head hard,) why did i even ask, i know you guys are fine already judging from the looks on your beautiful faces; .


He then turned to sandra whose tommy was already getting bigger .


Edward: look our wife is now double


Thomas: our what???(he asked jealosly)


Edward: wife nah


Thomas: noooo! She is my wife i can’t share it with any body, get yours.


Edward: easy guy, we are not dragging her.


– Thomas crossed his right hand over her shoulder and she was only left to smile her self away.


Their was no doubt she was shy especially to look at Edward.


Moreover thomas said with one kind^funny face


– Thomas: better Edward: more over , i am seeing yourT hand work, congratulation on the goal you scored


Thomas: thanks ,


– then Edward asked after they had taken each a glass of drink.


– Edward: why am i graced the opportunity to your visit? Thomas; well, our visit therefore is to inform you that we are travelling to another state to start our own family there,


Edward:sadly)but why?


Thomas: i cant consider my self a man to the fact that i am still living with my parents,


Edward: is that all?


Thomas: yes


Edward: o come on, you are joking aren’t you?


Thomas: i wish i am, our mind is already made up,


Edward : in that case, i am personally going to miss you very much .


Thomas: me too


EDWARD: you gotta text me the address soon, i will be coming often to visit


Thomas: thats good


– After every set and series of discussion they went back to their house leaving Edward alone at home; Edward was still pondering on what to do whether to visit Anita or not until an idea struck him, he picked up his phone and dailed up her number, when she had picked the call after three attempts, he said


– Edward: hellow my sweet heart


Anita: hi


Edward: are you free tonight


Anita: why asking


Edward: nothing, i was thinking we should go on a date today


Anita: date??? No way, may be some other time


Edward: why?


Anita: i am busy


Edward: doing what?


Anita: something, i am not free today


Edward: so when will you be free?


Anita: i dont know but i will let you know when i am ready, there is no time for me to …..


– he cut the call angrily


– Edward: damn it! He exclaimed angrily) not up to thirty minutes , Anita called back, she was really bothered knowing the fact that she did had hurted his feeling


– Anita: hello Edward, come by 6:30 pm and pick me up. I have some thing very important to tell you


Edward: forget it, i thought you said you don’t have a chance


Anita: Yea , but i have to make it out


Edward.: okay, just wait for me;


* * * * * * * * *


Edward did not remove a single glance on her even when he was puring a drink into his cup that made him almost split the table


Anita.: why are you looking at me as such, do i look like a freak?


Edward: ofcourse not! I was just admireing your beauty, i was thinking God bring out his whole mind to creat you which made you different from other ladies.


She chuckled at what he said with out saying a word, she paid her attension to the food she was eating, soon after wards, she turned serious and said


– Anita: edward, i have something very important to tell you


Edward: i know you love me, so its not nessassary


Anita; you might not really like what i am about to say


Edward.: hmmm, go on let me check out for my self


Anita.: i fell in love with …..

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