Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

*godson began his story***.;


I must really admit that i did some thing very wrong.


I was guilty of being a drug pusher.


So we were caught after two months we arrived in south Africa.


Sooner tayo and i escaped.


The cops chased us and when they could not catch us they began to shoot at us. Tayo felled down and die as the result of the bullet driven into his back.


At length, bullet cut my arm but i manage to hide away from the cops.


I met a man who took me to the hospital and healed my wound.


After i was okay, i traveled with the man to dubai where he owned large shop.


I started working for him and since then no one ever heard about me and i guess the death of tayo some how cleared a way for rumours that i was also dead.


– Anita: (excited) wow, what a lucky escape.


Godson: i am still working for the man and he pays me randomly


Anita: so why did you remember home at last after so many years?


Godson: i will go back soon but i have to fix things


. Especially the reason why i came back.


Anita: what reasons are they?


Godson: number one reason is my family.


– Then he stretched both of his hands to hers and played with it as he continued) and the other is you.


– Anita: surprise) me?


Godson: yes of course, you made me a promise and i made you a promise and till now i haven’t forgotten it, and i don’t think i can Ever forget it.


– Anita: but it is now late, my wedding is coming up soon


Godson: i don’t care, you can always say no to who ever it is. I still loves you with all my heart .


– Tears began to drop from her eyes all of a sudden, she had loved him with all her heart.


She felt empty and broken for many years hearing that her lover was dead.


She found another reason to be happy when she met Edward.


Now her first Love have showed up again.


She was in deliamma of what to do because that love she has for him was still there.


– Anita: I still loves you too, but the case now is so hard on us.


– He hugged her tightly consoling her with the following words


– Godson: don’t cry, we will get through it together.




now adays Edward could not understand why her fiancee changed all over sudden.


She no longer reply to any of his messages, some times she won’t pick his calls and even if she pick, she sounds different to him.


This went on for a whole three days and the situation got worst which began to drive the poor lover mad.


At length he decided to visit and Speak to her face to face to know why she is acting strange over night.


As soon as he made the decision to leave, he heard a knok at the door.


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