Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Anita: what the Damn rubbish are you talking about. Are you trying to steal my lover away from me?


– She shouted pointing an accusing finger at her.


Rose ignored her shouting and focused on Edward who was feeling nervous about the situation.


– Rose: please Edward believe me. I did not break up with you intentionally


. I ran away on my wedding day because i hope to be with you when all the storms are over.


. Please i love you.


—- Her last word impacted another blow in anita’s head.


She could not control her anger any more, so she gave her a very dirty slap that forced at lease two drops of tear out of her eyes still shouting at her.


Rose could not bear the slap so she slapped back immediately.


And that lead to a fight between them.


Edward rushed to them and separated them.


-Edward: Rose, i think you are no longer welcomed here. Your mission is always to spoil some ones happiness. If i know you came down here to fight my fiancee , i would’t have permitted you in. I think its right time you leave.


– Rose: what did you mean?


Edward: i said you should leave!


Rose: you are not serious


. Are you?


Edward: did you see my teeth?


Rose: just tell me now, right here that you really mean what you said that you no longer loves me. And i will leave and never bother to see or speak to you again ever.


Edward: just be on your way, stop asking useless questions.


Rose: but…..


Edward: i said leave!!!!!!! (Edward screamed)


Rose had no other option than to leave with embarrassment.


She went out of the office crying seriously….. Edward huged Anita as soon as she was out of sight.


– Edward: i am sorry for what she did. I swear to arrest her the next time she harass you again.


Anita: that’s why i love you.


— Then within a twinkle of an eye, there lips locked up in kiss.


* * *


Edward did focused him self in pleasing Anita.


He had done some necessary customary rights which should be done on her head like paying her bride prize and the rest of them.


They are now planning on there wedding ceremony and every one was happy about that.


Thomas already had gotten married to Sandra and out of persuasion by every one close to them, Edward was urged to get married to anita ASAP and more over it wasn’t a bad idea for him but the truth remains the truth.


He wasn’t ready to get married at that very period.


Maybe he wasn’t deeply inlove with her or he haven’t gone over Rose.


Which ever it may be, but he did all out of persuasion.


Just a two weeks to their wedding, he was with Anita discussing on how the family of both of them would look like.


Edward pinched her nose playfully and said.: how many children are we going to be expecting?


Anita: for me, i need three. Two girls, and a boy


Edward: huh? Why not a basket ball team


Anita: what?


Edward: eehe


– just then anita’s phone interrupted their conversation.


She picked the phone the number was not registered but she went ahead and answer the call. Hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.

A male voice answerd.


– Anita: hello who am i speaking with?


Caller: hello sweet heart its been a long Time.


Anita: please who am i speaking with?.


Caller: so anita you _mean you have forgotten me!_


Anita: i am some howt confused. Just put me through. Who are you?


Caller: its someone you told you will spend your life with.



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