Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Mr. Titus: did you still love my daughter?


The outmostphere changed immediately.


Edward looked very surprise, Rose shy and Anita annoyed.


The question stabbed anita’s heart.


Her face lock as she gave a deadly look to Mr.titus.


She yelled at him immediately.


Anita: what sort of rubbish question is that? Instead of thinking on how you will be spending the rest of your life in jail, you are busy thinking of the kind of trick to play again.


– Then she dragged Edward by the hand and they began to walk away but Mr. Titus held him and said.




. Titus: i know i was very stupid, i was very mad and crazy. I did all of that not her. I know you still loves her. Please don’t pure down your anger on her.(then he began to sob. Edward kindly removed his left hands from him then said to him angrily.


Edward: yes, i do love your daugther.


— Anita grew red with anger.


She opened a wide eyes to him and he responded with a stylish smile.


How ever, he continued


— Edward: but that was then. I now have a fiance who i love so dearly. I really want to spend the rest of my life with her. I got to be going ahead


. Take care of your self in Jail.


— with that They left. Mr. Titus and his daughter Rose could not stop crying and weeping over there misfortune.


Had he known he would end up like this, he wouldn’t have acted like a jerk. .


Two days later, Edward was busy in his office when a knoke was heared on his office door. He reluctantly gave the person permission to come in.


To his surprise again, it was Rose.


She was wearing a red gown and putting on black stillettoes.


Her hand bag was black beautifully made and she really appear to be very beautiful.


Edward couldn’t believe his eyes, her beauty and make up was so alluring.


In fact it is one million and one rate.


He did a comparison check up between her and his fiancee in his mind.


Its obvious that she was much more beautiful than anita his fiancee.


If not for all that had happened, he would have gone of to her and give her a passionate kiss.


But then, action brings reaction and conditions changes people just like it bends crayfish


– Edward: what may i do for you miss ?


– He asked haphazardly.


-Rose: is that how to welcome a visitor.


. An old friend precisely?


-She asked with smile


-Edward: what do you mean by that,?


Rose: you haven’t even offered a seat.


Edward: why should i do that. I wonder who opened the door for you to come in here to claim being a visitor and a friend. .


Rose: Edward! Is that how you now behave? I guess you are no longer the Edward i used to know. .


Edward: you are wright. The Edward you used the know died with his mother and this is now a new Edward. He don’t smile, he dont laugh, he doesnt show mercy he is the most arrogant personality on earth. What again am i forgetting? (she just stared at him adamantly, and then he asked when he was sure enough she is not ready to talk) and what are you here for?


Rose: i came to see you.


Edward: (calmly) for what


Rose: because… Because… I still thinks about you.


Edward: what did you mean? Weren’t you the one the broke up with me?


Rose: i did that for your safety believe me. I loves you. – Then immediately Anita who had been listening to their conversation at the door for a while angrily rushed inside on hearing her last statement.


Anita: …….


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