Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

Edward who was in the midst of his family and friend segregated him self from them and went near to Mr. Titus who was draged coercively by the police men with his daughter behind.


– Edward: what did you want to tell me?


– He asked when he was near enough for conversation.


His face was frowned, and his appearance obviously telling he was in no mood to grant any favourable request from him. Actually, he called to make a request he did wish to be granted.




. Titus: I know i have offended you. But i really wish you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and my mistakes. I am not asking you to release me. But you should forgive me please.


Edward: (still putting on an ugly long face) as for forgiveness, i have done that long ago. But you must receive your punishment.


Mr. Titus: thanks alot. I know how you feel.


– Then Edward turned around to move away from them then he shouted again.


– Mr. Titus: please one more thing! Edward stopped and turned around as Anita joined them.


– Edward: what is it this time?


– Mr. Titus kept mute for sometime starring at Anita who was playing with Edwards finger.


– Edward: what again. – He asked again


. Then his eyes connected with that of rose whose eyes was reddish.


. He began to feel guilt of what she is going through. But the truth is that their was no way he was going to grant her request because it’s late already. The final judge has been given. He began to remember their time together. First when he spoke to her in the class during the valintine day back in secondary school. How they both won the dancing competition that day, how they did planed their future together, how she did took care of him in the hospital and last how his mother died. Fresh tears rushed down his eyes as he disconnected his eyes from hers. He searched for his handkerchief and cleaned his eyes immediately.


– Edward: what is it? Don’t keep me waiting! He shouted at him.


Mr. Titus: i regretted every thing i did. I know i was very wicked selfish and greedy but i did regret it all.


Edward: where is your words heading to?


Mr. Titus: d..d.d did you still love my daughter?

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