Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Rose was still expecting Edward to say some thing but Just then, Anita walked into the office.


She did not even bother or cared if Edward was in there with someone before planting a kiss on his both cheek.


– Anita: hy dearest how is work today?


Edward: smiling) going smoothly my sweet heart.


– He replied. Rose could not stand their conversation she has no other option than to leave them in peace


. She walked away from the office disgushedly. .


Anita: who is she?


Edward: she is …. Just forget about her. .


Anita: hope she is not a threat?


Edward: yes of course!


– He said then planted a kiss at her fore head.


– Anita: its been months now when we last spend time together.


Edward: its true.


Anita:, so i’m suggesting we go out today.


Edward: oh sweet heart, can’t that wait till tomorrow. I have many important business deal to deal with today.


Anita: okay then, promise?


Edward: yeah its a promise i must fulfill. I will come to your house and pick you up. He said as he planted a kiss on her fore head again




Rose went to the police station to see her dad and when he was permitted to see her, the both of them got to talk together.


Rose was already in tears seeing the condition of her father. .


Mr. Titus: did he agree to release me?


– He asked with a deepened sad voice.


– Rose: (still in tears) no. He is no longer the Edward i used to know. He now has a stone heart. Which is located at his back.


Mr. Titus: i caused it. I will learn to accept my fate. I am the reason why his mother died and also behind his kidnapping which almost took his life. I have a reason to spend the rest of my life in jail.


Rose: dad, i know you did too many wrongs. I know they were out of ignorant. So don’t talk like that. I will do all i can to get you out of here.


Mr. Titus: don’t worry daughter. I have already accepted my fate. All i need is for those i have wronged to forgive me. So i can be in peace if maybe i happened to die tomorrow.


Rose: tomorrow??? Dad don’t talk like that please.


– She said now crying aloud as she held him tightly.


* The next day, as promised.


Edward went and picked Anita up as the both of them headed to a bar together where they will have a good time together.


On their way, a car overtook them with speed and blocked them.


Immediately, a masked man jumped down from the car and pointed a gun at them.


Edward and his girl friend was scared to the marrow he threw both of his hand up in the air as Anita began to sub.


The mask man said triumphically and laugh as well: hahaha! How sure are you to think you can eliminate me.


I think it time for you to die finally.


Then the next thing heard was a gun shot


* *


To be continued…

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