Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Rose: (crying) please Edward, i beg of you please i hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me and my father.


If you can’t forgive me, i will accept it but i beg you should forgive my father.


He had suffered enough.


– Edward was more provoked with her request. And that made Him shout at her.


– Edward: if that is what you came for, i am sorry you won’t get it.


Am not forgiving any one be it you or your father.


Rose: in a little harsh tune.) can’t you pity the old man


. He had suffered enough in the police cell for two months. Don’t you have a heart?


Edward: i accept, i don’t have a heart. But did your father have a heart after the numerous beating i got from him and his men? Did he know he is an old man while doing all those to me?


Rose: please forget the past.


Edward: i can’t and honestly, i won’t. He killed my mum, he burnt down our house including all the property inside it. He kidnapped me.


. Just tell me why i should have mercy on him? Rose: you have a very good reason to do that!


Edward: how dear you shout at me!


Rose: i am sorry


. Pls understand. Don’t send my father to jail. please, i beg of you.


Edward: he even deserve more. He deserve to die!


Rose: how could you be so heartless like this?


Edward: when your father and your boy friend was doing all of those atrocities, did you on earth tell them that they are heartless. Look rose, i must get my revenge no matter what. So i can live in peace and not in pieces.


– There rose who has been kneeling in tears stood up angrily and said.


– Rose: did you know that you owe me! And my payment is that you release my father.


Edward: i did not owe you any thing!


Rose: if with out me you would have died


Edward: shut that your dirty mouth!! Lair!!!!


Rose: go and ask eduado, i treated you free of charge in the hospital. Did you know what it took me to do that? The payment is that you should release my dad.


– Edward was really surprise at what she just said. Yes He had long been pondering on who the unknown female doctor that treated him free was. He has concluded he will reward the kind hearted doctor very well but knowing now that it was Rose weaked his soul. What could he do? Should he release the old man?



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