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Mr. Titus was arrested, and forwarded to court.


His case was too strong that he have at admit that he is guilty.


He told them the truth because he planned every thing with him.


He told them that every thing about Edward’s kidnapping was planned by Him and Dandy.


He also told the cops where to find him but unfortunately for them, they did not find him there.


He had already ran away. His picture was broadcasted and declared






Dandy already knew that their is fire on the mountain so he has to run run run.


After two weeks of hiding, he got tired and wanted to leave the town.


On the second thought, he thought himself to be a coward and looser for running away though it is the very best idea but he decided not to leave with out shooting Edward himself and make sure that he died right in his present before he can go far away from their country to Kenya.


He only have two days to do that so he set at work immediately because the earlier the better.


He put on his strange big hat with a very big eye glasses and unusual jacket.


So that no one will ever realise it was him


. He drove down his car to ewards office.




Edward was busy in his office (he had already resumed work


. ) he was busy going through a document when his secretary called he picked up and she informed him to get ready for an important visitor.


He balanced well for visitor but on second thought, he began to wonder who the important visitor could be.


He prayed for it to be to the person he would be happy to meet.


As he kept on thinking, he heard a knoke at the door.


Edward: yes, come in.


– He commanded.


he was very surprised at the person that had just matched in.


He wondered why he got to be seeing that person again.


He thought even in his after world he might never get to see the resemblance of that face again.


To stop beating around the bush, it was Rose and truth be told that He was in no way expecting her again.


His surprise was obviously written all over his face.


He did not say a single word like wise she.


They stared at each other silently for a couple of minute before Edward broke the silent by asking some how with a little anger dictated in his sentence


– Edward: what are you doing here?


– his countenance was confused.


Previously, he used to be angry with her following the pains he passed through because of her and her father.


Presently, don’t know the kind of face or aptitude to put on.


He don’t know whether to be angry for what he had gone through or be happy seeing a long time friend which he had loved whole heartedly again. . Although it has been years but he can never forget that her bright charming eyes which was some how making an effect on her.hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.

out side the company’s building, dandy jumped down from his car, he hid his pistol under his trouser and covered it with his cloth.


He penetrated forward to the gate.


Then he peeped in through an open space in the gate.


There he saw three hefty armed men.


Ofcourse he can’t face those men then he steped back and canceled the idea of going in there.




Rose remained adamant.


She did not say any thing.


Her face was filled with sadness.


She is not her self lets just know what she came for.


– Edward: i said, what are you looking for!


– he asked raising his voice after waiting fruitlessly for her reply.


Now she went over to him, tears began to drop from her eyes as she knelt down before him

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