Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Eduado: sir i know them they are two.


Johnson: mention their names and stop beating around the bush!


– He commanded.


– Eduado: its Mr. Titus and another young man like that.


Police 1: what’s his name?


Eduado: i don’t really know.


Police 2: another thing Mr. Man, you have to provide us the address of those kidnappers, eduado: okay.


– He then told them the address.


After the police men had written and taped every thing he said, they left to process their information.


Not long after they left, Sandra came in.


She ran straight to Edward and gave him a very tight hug.


At least to show that she is very happy for his return.


Anita suggested that they should go to the bar together that night.


Edward wanted to accept but his father and sister bluntly refused


. Infact, they prohibited him from leaving the house because they were more conscious of his safety.


Edward has to comply with his family’s request.




Evening the following day, Mr. Johnson was busy discussing with his son when he got a phone call from the DPO who informed him that they have arrested all the kidnappers.


They are now in the police custody right now.


Mr. Johnson was really happy to hear that. He promised to be the there the following day.




it was a hectic day Mr. Titus after speaking to his lawyer the very day who assured him that all is well and that the case is under control, he went back to his office and as soon as he sat down, the memories of how he encountered Edward at Mr. Johnson’s office flashed back his mind. If that guy’s really alive, that means he him self is in deep and big trouble.


He began to pray let it be an imagination and not the reality.


Suddenly a strange hard knoke began to bang the door like a big drum with out rhyme. he was terrified at that kind of knoke because no one has ever knoked at his door like that . . Just then a loud harsh voice followed the knoke saying: will you open this door now!


– Mr. Titus stood up went straight to the door and opened it.


He was very surprise to see three police men standing in front of his office.


– Police 1: sir, you are under arrest.


Mr. Titus: guys for what?


Police 2: for kidnapping and Murder.


Mr. Titus: what! No no no, officers i can’t be arrested, i didn’t do any thing!


Police 1: You got to explain when you reach the station.


Mr. Titus: i said, i can’t be arrested!!!


Police: keep hesitating but know that any more words from you would be used against you.


– Then he kept calm as the police men locked his hands and lead him to the van.


* * Edward was having good time with the movie he was watching when his dad came in with three hefty men.


– Edward: dad who are these men with you?


Johnson: don’t worry son, those are your new body guard.


Edward: body guard????? Did i tell you that i need any? Johnson: don’t be stubborn son. I know you must be feeling boring of being at home all day so that is why i hired them to excult you where ever you need to go.


Edward: its true i am bored being at home dad, but you don’t have bother your self about securing me. Johnson: shut up son. Its a must. For your information, you would be resuming work form next week.


Edward: (smiling) wow, that’s nice. Okay i agree with every thing you said.,




Back at the police station, Johnson went there to see how their enemies is doing. The kidnappers had confessed that it was Mr. Titus and one other young man that hired them to kidnap Edward but the truth is that non of them knew the name of the other man.




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