Thu. Jul 11th, 2024

two police men arrived at the compound of .


Mr. Johnson, he had called them earlier and mandated they should be at his house early in the morning.


So it was obviously clear what they had come for.


Every one took his or her seat in the sitting room waiting to hear about what happened.


Every body including armand’s family who passed the night there was also present.


Now the confession began after the exchange of some greetings.


Eduado was commanded to narrate to them what happened.


– Eduado: i am sorry to admit that i am one of the kidnappers who kidnapped Edward, please forgive me.


I joined the group for money.


– He said and paused looking at them for their forgiveness.


But no one said a word they only nodded giving him sign that he should move on.


Nevertheless, he continued


– Eduado: it happened that my best friend Matthew was incharge of him one particular night i just noticed how close the both were like old friends. At first i didn’t like that, i interrogated him and he assured me that nothing is wrong


. He was just asking him about the wealth of his family. Just on my way to a night party, my boss called me and told me that i should return fast that my friend had escaped with Edward who is our captive


. I knew pretty well what my boss can do so i hurried back not for the call but to save my friend. My boss gave us order that we should go after them, and once we get them we should shoot and burn them to ash. Other gangs was there as well so they ran after them as well as i. But just praying that nothing bad will happen to my friend.


– he began to sob as he remembered what happened that day. Mr. Johnson urged him to continue saying what he was saying other than crying like a baby


-Mr. Johnson: hey man, what is wrong with you? Why doing like a baby borned yesterday? Continue


– then he had no other choice than to continue.


– Eduado: we chased them in the bush till morning then we saw them from far. Others began to shoot at them as they approached. Matthew also shut at us. But too poor for him that bullet caught him. Then Edward continued running and not long, he was shut also. They first executed their planes on Matthew. But before then, he whispered into my ears. He said i should make sure that Edward survives. Hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from there

. The other goons got Matthew Burnt in the Bush planning to do the same to Edward when we began to hear police van approaching. Soon, they were after us we ran away. I was even surprise that i returned that evening and still found Edward lying unconscious. Then i took him to the hospital although i don’t have the money. I began to pester both my boss and the crime planner to give me the money i worked hard for. But they kept on turning me around. Until i met a female doctor who offered to treat him free of charge but on one condition. That i shouldn’t tell any one that its her that treated him. She did a good and wonderful job restoring Edward who was in critical condition to normal.


– Every one was marvelled in what he said.


Then Edward asked.


– Edward: who really is this doctor? What is her name?


Eduado: it is….( he scratched his head) i have forgotten. I have many things in mind then.


Johnson: another question. Who is it that actually hired your boss? –


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