Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

After dinner Johnson summoned the young men (eduado and Lawrence) to explain to them what happened.


At first Eduado was feeling nervous to tell them but Edward gave him his word that nothing will happen to him.


Then he then told them how it went.


– Eduado: i know you must be mad at me to hear the fact. I am one of the kidnappers that kidnapped Edward.


Nikky: WHAT!!!


EDWARD: trying to calm his sister down.) hey nik nik plss listen to him first.


Eduado: it happened that my best friend …..


. – Just then, numerous knokes at the door interrupted them.


Nikky stood up immediately to check whose at the door.


Immediately she opened the door, a group of people banged into the room immediately.


Hhmm, it looks pretty well that every member of armand’s family had journeyed down to their house.


Johnson had called them earlier and told them what happened so they all had to come that night to know if he was really telling the truth or playing a prank on them but honestly, it was never a prank neither is it a joke but frankly the truth.


On seeing Edward, Anita and Thomas rushed immediately to Edward and hugged him tightly at the same time with tears.


The both even began to struggle on who to hug more as they quacked them selves on his body.


Edward became very tired of their hug because it was lasting long and they held him very tightly.


Then he has no other option than to break up the hug.


– Edward: hey tom! I thought they say you traveled


– Thomas: i am just coming back today.


Anita: Edward, why did you have to sacre us?


Edward: i am sorry baby, i am back now.


Anita: don’t you know i felt like dieing


Edward: no no no, you dear not feel like doing that. Had it been you died at my absent, i will finally die too just like what happened to Romeo and Juliet.


– with what he said, every one burst into Laughter


. they celebrated happily that night.


That They even forgot about what Eduado was saying earlier.


Mr. Johnson suggested that he should continue the next day, and moreso a police officer needs to be present as well.


Above all every one was happy.




– revenge at the corner




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