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Mr. Johnson was still in the shock of what he saw earlier, her daughter notice his mood and asked.


– Nikkei: hey dad, whats wrong with you?


Johnson: Nik, you won’t understand.


. My eyes has seen my ears today.


Nikky: getting surprise.) dad what did you mean?


Johnson: all through my life, i have never seen a ghost before apart from today!


Nikky: i don’t understand you dad!


Johnson: i saw Edward! He walked into my office today!


– Nikky change on hearing the name Edward,.


– Nikky: you really mean you saw Edward? What did he say.


Johnson: i just ran away as soon as i saw him!


Nikky: what! Dad are you alright?, you did not wait for him to tell you the reason why he left his grave and came to you!


Johnson: shut up! Its because you are not the one that saw him!


Nikky: i mean it dad! YoU should have…..


– Then a knoke interrupted them.


She went ahead to open the door and was too surprise to see the 3 set of men standing at the door.


She recognised one of them very very well.


She staggered back on seeing them, her eyes and mouth open wide not knowing what to say already drawning in the sea of surprise.


Edward: nikky! Nikky: Edward.


– She called faintly drawing near to him.


Then Johnson began to move back beat by beat watching the scene in amazement.


Nevertheless, nikky said in tears.


– Nikky: edy why did you have to leave us why?


– Then she began to sub.


Edward felt pity for her some drops of tears ran down his cheek as well


. Edward: i did never die, i am alive.


Nikky became surprise.


Nikky: what! I thought we buried you? What did you mean you are alive


. Edward: we will explain that later, believe me, i am very much alive.


– Mr. Johnson couldn’t believe his ear, so he began to move closer.


Nikky also move closer to him and huged him.


For some minutes, they were still in the hug.


Edwards shoulder was already wetted with her tears.


They broke the hug by the fainting voice of their father.


– Mr. Johnson: Edward!


– – He began to move closer as his daughter said to him.


– Nikkei: dad he is very much alive, he isn’t the one that got burnt!


– Then Johnson ran forward and gave him a very tight hug with tears also.


They got to realise that he was not really a ghost so they were very happy for that.


Infact, Johnson ordered the cook in the house to prepare a very delicious meal for them to celebrate the resurrection of his son which they thought was dead.


Nikky did not even think of moving away from Edward.


Even when he sat down waiting for the meal, she still sat beside him and keep makeing stories with him.


– Nikkei: bro why did you have to go, i really missed you so much.


Edward: i was kidnapped.


Nikky: i know. I wished to die when i thought you died.


Edward: oh don’t wish that because if you had did that, i would kill my self.


Then she hitted him playfully on the head.


Nikky: you are still a naughty boy you use to be. You can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.

Edward: never mind, how is every body?


Nikky: how did you expect them to be okay when you have been absent in our lives?


Edward: okay nik i understand but joke apart, how is Thomas and his sister? And their family in the whole?


Nikky: Thomas travelled after your funeral, Anita has been managing and their family is okay. I guess they would be more okay to see or hear that you have returned that we buried another mans corpse.


– Then Johnson joined them after making few phone calls in his room


Mr. Johnson: hey Edward! You have many thing to explain to us to night. Edward: many things like?


Johnson: how you escaped, how you left your diamond and how you survive without our knowledge that we even buried a strange corpse thinking its you.


Edward: okay dad. Me i don’t even have answers to your question but these young men with me do.


He said pointing at Lawrence and eduado who had long been staring and listening to their conversations. – –


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