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They turned back immediately in unism to know who said that because they were giganticly surprise at the voice.


It was very familiar to the both beyond the shadow of doubt, they turned out to be 100% surprise, terrified and afraid when they saw Edward with and two other men walking majestically into the office.


It was even obvious that their eyes opened wide as well as their mouth and nose.


Out of fright, they shouted in unism




‘ then they took to their heels and ran away from the office like rat being chased by a cat.


Even the staffs who hid under their table forgot about the fright and began to laugh on seeing the both respected men shouting and running like a thief.




Edward could not stop laughing at the kind of show his dad and his enemy HAD presented.


Eduado and Lawrence kept laughing aswell.


– Eduado: your dad can easily be frightened.


Edward: they all must have thought that i died.


Eduado: yes, i did a good job in keeping the secret.


Edward: sure for you.


Eduado: remember, its for the sake of my best friend Matthew.


– Then Edward stopped laughing, he frowned his faced before down and then he asked.


– Edward: but you haven’t told me how he died.


Eduado: i promise to tell you when the time comes. I think its getting nearer.


Edward: okay its your choice


Eduado: more so i need your help or mercy although i may not merit it after all.


Edward: i have already forgiven you for saving me


. You have no problem at all.


Eduado: thanks alot


Edward: i think i am the one to be thanking you.


Eduado: thanks.


. i think we should be going now.


Edward: where are we going to now since they are calling me a ghost?


Eduado: with time, they will understand.


Edward: how?


Lawrence: so are you backing off now?


Eduado: don’t tell me you have loosed hope already?


Edward: okay i did not! So where are we going now? To my house?


Eduado: to your house ofcourse


Edward: alright. Lets wait till night so we can meet them at dinner.


Lawrence: jokely) hunger hunger man, see you, you are interested in food.


Edward: please i mean what i said, i don’t want to crack jokes.


– Then he stood up and they walked out of the office.


*** *******


Mr. Titus went to his office after the incident so nervous and tensed up breathing very hard. Dandy opened the door and walked in to be obviously surprised to see him in such a state of condition.


– Dandy: what is wrong with you sir?! He questioned


Mr titus: (breathing very high and walking around the office in the same time) i don’t know, it may be my imagination but the fact is that we really saw Edward today!


– Dandy regenerated to be very more surprise. He could not withstand his anger on hearing Edward’s name.


– Dandy: is it really Edward you saw or his ghost?


Mr. Titus: i don’t know, he spoke to me and we ran away on seeing him.


Dandy: you and who saw him and what did he told you.


Mr titus: i was in his fathers office when he came in. His father even ran away with me.


Dandy: so what did he said to you?


Mr. Titus: he said that he has enough evidence to make me spend the rest of my life in jail


Dandy: what!!! .


He really can’t believe it.


He began to even look down on Mr titus in his mind that he was a very big coward that he did not even wait to know if he really is alive or not.


By the way he said in deep anger.


– Dandy: Edward whether its your ghost or not, i am warning that you should stay off. Infact i must find out if you really die or not and if certain that you are alive, i swear on my blood to kill you my self.


Mr. Titus just stood aside looking at him disgushedly as he brought out his phone to call Andy.




toward 6.00pm, Edward and co entered a car and stopped at their residence. They walked straight to the gate and knoked.


* you guys should wish our dear Edward a happy resurrection day


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