Sun. May 12th, 2024

Mr. Titus went home being very upset at every thing that happened back at the meeting.


The embarrassment he has to face was too much for him to bear.


He never thought that he could so be embarrassed like that.


He Even forgot that he was barned from doing any business with them.


He wouldn’t had bothered to show up if he remembered that.


He ended up blaming dandy and the kidnappers he hired of not doing smooth and clean job.


A Month later he was reading news papers in his sitting room when his gate man walked in with a man who was wearing white shirt and black trouser, one could easily tale from his dressing that is a messenger.


He was holding a big envelope and immediately he got to see him (mr. Titus) he brought out a white paper from the envelope.


– Mr


. Titus: (ask on seeing them) hey Mr. Man what can i do for you?


Young man: are you Mr. Titus?


Mr. Titus: yes any problem?


young man: sir You just need to sign here?


Mr. Titus: for what?


Young man: to show you have gotten the letter sent to you.


Then he signed before collecting the paper from him.


And the young man turned and left as well as the gate man who was standing silently at the door step like a guard.


As soon as they both were out of sight, he googled his eyes with his magnifying glasses and then set at work to read the content of the letter.


Gradually, his mood began to change as he read down the paper and finally, he turned being completely annoyed.


His face changed, his teeth tightened and his eyes narrowed.


He can’t really believe what the paper contains with his both eyes, honestly, the truth is that he isn’t in any way ready to comply with the content of the letter.


He only could stand up angrily and began to walk up and down the sitting room thinking of what to do the content of the letter was really telling him to appear in court.


He knew quite well that the evidence against him was not so strong so he decided to get a lawyer for him self.


A week later after he had gotten a strong lawyer that will handle his case, he meet up with Johnson at his office and began to abuse him.


Johnson was researching in his laptop when he came in.


– Johnson: what may i do for you? He asked on seeing him.


Mr. Titus: just to say hello


. He said with a devilish smile.


Johnson: you know the fact, i don’t want to see you here, i want to see you in the court room and say good bye to you as you goes to jail.


Mr. Titus: and how on earth could that be possible?


Johnson: because that is where you should belong.


Mr. Titus: hahahahah!!! I can’t stop laughing. Man you are really funny! Johnson: just watch as you ends in jail and save those stupid laughter of yours for your terrible unstoppable cry.


Mr. Titus: i still can’t stop laughing. Your old age is disturbing you.


. Did you know who am i?


Johnson: you are just a worthless criminal. You are murderer!


Mr. Titus: excuse me. Before accusing me. I haven’t murder any one before.


Johnson: will you shot up!!!


Mr. Titus: i won’t because i have the freedom of speech. I will only just watch as you waste all your money and regrets at last.


– Then Johnson stood up from his seat angrily and shouted


– Johnson: you must be stupid and out of your mind!


Mr. Titus: hahaha!!! Yes i am. But you are a very big fool, did you think that your evidence is strong enough to send me to jail?


Johnson: i am sure to gather more.


Mr. Titus: you can’t gather any thing .


And the truth here is that i am not going to jail because you don’t have any strong evidence against me period! – Just then a voice shouted from behind saying. ”and who told you that their is no strong evidence against you? I have much to make you spend your whole life in prison”.

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