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Andy got a huge amount of money from Dandy, and being a covetous type, he decided not to share it with his men who were anxious for their own share apart from his assistant who was there when he received the cash. he buried the money after sharing it with him in his bank account and kept lieing to the rest that they had not yet received payment.


They suggested to confront him so he can bring the money but Andy went against the idea.


The case irritated them especially for Eduado who lost his best friend Matthew at the spot of the event.


Right now he badly needs money for an unknown reason that is why he was willing to do any thing for the money.


He convinced others for them to beat up dandy so that he can release the money to them with out the knowledge of Andy.


They accepted and waited for him at the way he was sure to pass.


Soon, he was driving across with his car when they double crossed him.


They opened the door of his car and drag him out of there eduado was the first to speak to him.


He said.


– Eduado: hey man, what did you take us for? Do think we are fools? Asking us to do that risky job for you with out payment .


Dandy was surprise, he knew he paid them even more than they had agreed.


– Dandy: what the heck are you taking about i thought i have given you guys mo…


. Before he could finish his statement he received two hot slaps from him .


– Eduado: who are you trying to deceive here. (he looked at others and said) guy lets deal with him!


– Then the five of them pounced on him mercilessly and left him half dead threatening to kill him next time if he fails to give them the money.


Then they went away.


He manage to get hold of his phone then he dialed Andy’s number immediately to ask of what all those rubbish was all about.


Andy turned to be very furious angry and mad at his men.


Only God know what he began to plan.


* Eduado and the other gangs got to their hide out to see Andy in a huge anger.


– Andy: i thought i told you guys not to go after him you sillys?


Eduado: excuse boss, i need money right now, i really need it for an emergency.


: to hell with your emergency for who cares! Infact, from now onwards, the five of you are prohibited to set foot here.


All: what!!!


Andy: yes! You are no longer our members, and dear you try any thing silly, i will have you all assassined.


So get your f**king ass outta here this moment!


– He ordered in anger then went away from them.


They had no other choice than to accept their fate but not with out giving out a threat.


Eduado has nothing doing at the moment, he was filled and bittered with anger.


His best friend Matthew is gone and here he is with out any thing to do to get money.


Infact, the only thing that he thought at the particular moment was REVENGE .


To avenge the death of Matthew his best friend and to get money to be able to fulfil his dieing request.


He thought of what to do to get money, he can’t think of any reasonable solution other than to go to Mr. Johnson and confess in exchange of money.


He thought other wise that it was very risky.


Should Andy realise it, he is in deep trouble.


But he insisted on the first thought that he decided to go so soon.


The following day, he put on his best suit so that no one will look down on him then he headed down to the gate.


Once at the gate, his mind began to pounce at him, he was one of the kidnapper who kidnapped Edward and should incase his father finds it out, he will be in a very big trouble because no one will be willing to pity him and here he is going to expose the crime that he partook in.


No way! He exclaimed.


” i can’t expose my self!”


then he went back.


With out knocking at the gate.


. .


To be continued…

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