Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Dandy: what is the problem?


Andy: sir, the police got one of our men. And now they are torturing him for him to tell them where to get us and who exactly was the master plan of the kidnapping.


Dandy’s heart skipped a beat on hearing that he began to shout at him.


Dandy: i thought you assured me of a perfect job? Then what rubbish is this. Look man i don’t want to be at stake here so you got to do every thing it takes to clear off the mess understood!!!


Andy: okay sir.


– Then the call went dead.


Dandy looked troubled as he began to look round the office angrily.


*********** ****** *** *


at the police station, the police men tortured Gavin so severely so he would get expose his associates in crime but all to no success.


Finally he was confronted with the threat of locking him up a room to release tear gas on him


. He was deeply terrified that he promised to speak out.


The D.P.O called Mr.Johnson and inform him about the present progress.


He was also told to come the following day so he would be present as the criminal confessed. . But that night, some thing terrible happened. * some one claimed to be Gavin’s sister, he brought food for him and The police men gave him the food hoping that she was sincere that she was really his sister.


The next day, Mr


. Johnson arrived they went to check him in the cell only to meet his corpes.


He had been poisoned the previous night the fact was that the police, men wasn’t able to get the face of the girl that brought the food.


Now all hope of getting the kidnappers was lost. Mr.


. Johnson kept on blaming the police men for what happened. * The police began to search all foot and nail for the lady who had poisoned Gavin the only source of hoping of Getting them back.


* * *


Dad this is all your fault ( Nikkei continued as she entered the sitting room where her father was sitting)


Nikkei: its really your fault! Had it been you listened to me by paying the ransom on time, Edward wouldn’t have died (she then dropped the news paper of her hand on the Table and continued)


Nikkei: and now that’s way we can get those kidnappers to pay for their crime.


Mr.Johnson : please calm down. The mistake done have already been done, after all, Edward is my son and the hire to all my wealth


Nikkei: and he is my brother father! You all ways think you are right. Had it been you listened, if only you listened. We would have been safe in one side


Armand: its okay Nikkei , this is not a time to lay accusing finger on any one. Rather its time to comfort one another. After all we all are heart broken the same way you are . (Armand said as he walked in side the sitting room)


Nikkei: uncle just take a look at this (she gave him the news paper) their is no way we are going to find my brother’s kidnappers , the only hope left now is gone.


Armand : you are just making mountain out of a mole hill. His not the person that send the kidnappers in the first place. Just calm down


Nikkei: (shouting and shading tears) don’t just tell me to calm down. You will understand better if you loose Thomas your son just the same way, (now turning to her dad) father, i don’t think i can ever forgive you so stumped out of the room leaving the old friends together.


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