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Before they could get it down, it was already too late.


The man had already burn to ash.


Nikky cried bitterly as she fell on the ground and began to roll around.


No one was to console her because others was also heart broken.


The police men came back with the kidnapper and saw them like that.


One of them began to walk around sadly.


Not long, he saw a diamond which he did had came across before.


He picked it up and showed it to Johnson.


– Johnson: you really mean that it is my son that was burnt?


– He exclaimed on seeing the diamond necklace.


Then he unconsciously collapse on the ground.


* *


Mr.JOHNSON was rushed to the hospital immediately as the police men went back to the station with the kidnapper.


Soon Mr. Johnson got better he was discharged from the hospital then he came back and began to to plan about his sons funeral.


It was really a painful thing for them especially for Johnson who did not know who his son was and when he got to know him, it didn’t take long before he died.


He was really determined to do all it takes for those criminals to pay and more so he swear that he will never have a peace of mind till those worthless kidnappers settle in their grave.


Soon Edward was buried six feat in his fathers compound.


Then every body channeled their interest toward the way of finding the kidnappers and making them pay for the evil they did.


Main while dandy got the information of how their plans went.


He was really happy he went to Mr


. Titus and announce it to him because he thought it to be a good idea


. Mr. Titus was having a coffee when he entered.


He took a seat and greeted.


– Dandy: good day sir.




. Titus: oh dandy, you are here.


So how is every thing?


Dandy: every thing is cool.


And more so, our plan worked out. Mr. Titus; you mean that they had paid the ransom?


Dandy: no not at all. But Edward is dead.


– The news hit him like a strange blow on his heart as he exclaimed angrily.


– Mr. Titus: WHAT!!! why did you have to to take his life away?


Dandy: because he and his family are stupid!.


They was warned not to involve the police but they went ahead to.


Mr. Titus: just that? I shouldn’t have agreed with you i the first place. Who told you that i want to kill him? If i wanted to, i would have killed him long when he was fooling around with my daughter.


Dandy: sir don’t be mad here! Infact it is for your own good. You can now go for the money you wish and more over, he won’t have to come into your life again.


Mr. Titus: may be, you have a point theirooo. He might remember me for the death of his mother, . Just then, dandy’s phone distracted them with its ringing.


He checked the caller and it was Andy then he picked it.


Dandy: hello, i thought you have gotten your payment?


Andy: yes sir! But their is a problem here.


* *



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