Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Johnson and the police men got to the venue and waited for several minutes, but they saw nothing.


At length they began to search the bush.


Not long, they heard a gun shot that alerted them that their had been a danger.


The police men made haste toward the direction they heard the gunshot.


Mr.johnson insisted on following them as well as those girls.


Not long they saw a huge flame in the bush and amidst of the fire, it was obviously and clearly seen that some one was in the fire burning to death.


They noticed also that the kidnappers was heartlessly there watching as the man was burning to death.


Johnson almost fell unconscious when he saw it.


He was grieved.


He sadly began to ask within himself.


Could it be Edward? He couldn’t help as tears started rolling down from his eyes to his cheeks.


By the way, the police men ran after the kidnappers who did recognised their present and started running away for escape.


They gave them a very hard chase but they were too faster than the police men.


Just then an idea stucked on one of them he brought out he gun and aimed it at the leg of one of the goons who was far from him and then he shot him down so that he won’t be able to run further.


Others escaped but apart from the one that was shot at the leg.


They are going to use him to get his co members.


Main while, while the police men ran after the kidnappers, Johnson and the two girls tried to guench the high flamed fire.


Before they could get it down, it was already too late.


The man had already burn to ash.


Nikky cried bitterly as she fell on the ground and began to roll around.


No one was to console her because others was also heart broken.


The police men came back with the kidnapper and saw them like that.


One of them began to walk around sadly.


Not long, he saw a diamond which he did had came across before. He picked it up and showed it to Johnson.


– Johnson: you really mean that it is my son that was burnt?


– He exclaimed on seeing the diamond necklaces

. Then he unconsciously collapse on the ground.


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