Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Matthew: the path we are taking leads to civil area.


So you can take a transportation as soon as we get out of here.


Edward: but what about you?


Matthew: don’t worry about me.


Edward: and how do i get money for transportation?


Matthew: i don’t really know for now. Lets think of how because i don’t have any cash with me.


– Then they were quiet for a while thinking of the best solution and as a matter of fact, they did not know when they slept off.


Early in the morning, they woke up.


Now Matthew came up with an idea.


– Matthew: look edy, what if we inform your father so they will wait up for us ?


Edward: wow that’s nice.


Then he brought out his phone to call him it was them he saw the 20 missed calls on his phone.


He checked the caller and all was from Andy his boss.


It was then he knew that he him self was really in a deep danger.


By the way, he called Mr


. Johnson and told him the address with out having and conversation with him.


Then he switched off the phone and they began their journey again.


Not long, they heard a voice behind shouting.




They turned back immediately to see Andys men running after them.


Matthew won’t just easily give in to defeat.


So he draged Edward and they began to run faster than they had ever ran.


Andy’S men ran fast also to meet up but Matthew was fast with Edward.


They ran like wind for some time and not long, Matthew dashed his leg on a wood and that sent hiM crashing heavily on the ground.


He stood up immediately and ignored the pain then the next thing they heard was a gun shot.


One of andys men did fired a gun at them but unluckyly for him, he missed his target.


The bullet almost caught Edward but Matthew pushed him aside the bullet passed with out hurting any body.


Then the other of andys men began to shoot their own gun. It was really a deadly war


. Matthew dragged Edward behind a tree, then he brought out his own gun and began to shoot also. Then every one took cover after witnessing the death of one of them.


* Thomas never miss a target.


He shot down one of the goons which made the rest to take cover behind trees.


When he was certain That they all had hid, he draged Edward and they began to run again.


Not upto 20 seconds, they heard another gunshot.


Matthew faced back and began to shoot.


The goons hid themselves again then Matthew and Edward began to run again.


It was even obvious that Edward at the moment began to say his last prayer. He was so very frighten that he began to panic and at a point, he started crying as he was running.


Matthew realised that and never talked to him because that probably is not the right time for consoling any one. He kept on shouting orders on him ” run fast, this way! Move on! Stop!! Hide!! Etc.


Althrough Edward’s life, he never got to experience this kind of incident.


This was probably the first witness.


He only had the idea through some movie he usually watch.


By the way, lets go back to the point. Matthew was shooting as they run and at a time, his bullet finished.


They began to run faster and faster to get away but not until they heard a terrible gun shot.


The bullet which was released by one of those goons and it found its way like lighting into the right leg of Matthew who groan in agony as he fell to the Ground.


Edward stopped now he was heavily weeping and was panicing as he tried to help him up. Matthew refused his offer saying.


– Matthew: Edward, you got to be strong, you can do this.


Don’t just bother about me because, i will be fine.


Run fast to escape.


Edward was still in tears, he gave him a friendly hug then he began to run forward. Andys men was already close to him but he manage to run fast despite the numerous gun shot they had been firing toward him.


At length, his legs became weak that it can not carry his body any longer.


His head began to ache him badly and his tummy was really dried up.


But despite the pains, he still managed to run.


But another terrible gun shot was heard again and this time, it caught him badly.


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