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after thinking of what to do for a moment, they went back into the building through the passage.


They ran to the other side of the passage then made use of the exit door leading to the back of the house.


Their only option at the moment was to climb the fence off.


At first Matthew took a clear view around making sure that no onward was watching. But then, he wasn’t quite sure if his work was clean.


By the way their only means of escape was to climb the tall fence.


He helped Edward climbed up the fence but as soon as he got up there, he saw a snake crawling toward him.


(Guys guess what will happen next) , he shouted on top of his voice as soon as he saw it.


His voice attracted the attention of one of the gang who was just resting under a tree almost near to them


. He quickly came out to know what was happening.


Matthew had already taken a hiding cover behind the plantain beside him.


The gang walked slowly and slowly to the direction where he heard the voice and there he saw Edward on top of the fence.


He pointed the torch on his hand clearly at his face and recognised who he was. Edward then began to panic immediately.


Although the snake turned around and ran off but still he was highly terrified especially at this point.


The goon looked so angry furious that he positioned the gun at him directly to his fore-head.


Edward felt his heart sinking into his stomach and goose pimpul took over his whole body.


Fear gripped him as never before and out of that fear, he closed his eyes and then next heard was a gun shot.


* * Edward fell over the fence immediately. Matthew ran out of his hiding and collected the goon’s gun from him.


He knew that he was going to shoot Edward but he will in no way allow that to happen so he got the man shut and then climbed the fence as well then jumped over to meet Edward who was already waiting for him over the fence so they took to their heels immediately not minding the thick bush and the hour of the night.


Main while, the sound of the gun alerted every one that some thing is wrong some where


. So they began to run to the direction properly armed.


They got to see the dead body of one of them lying lifelessly on the floor.


Andy sent some of them to check if Edward was still in captive.


They got to the passage to see another of their member lying unconsciously on the ground.


They wondered what could had possibly happen.


Main while, they completed their mission and went back to inform Andy of what they saw. Andy could not believe his ears.


He ran inside to see for him self and found out that their was not even a single piece of lie in it., he was certain that they climbed over the fence so he ordered every one to climb over the fence and run after them.


His men did as he had commanded and then they began to wander the bush in search of them.




nevertheless, Matthew and Edward ran tirelessly for minutes and as a natural human being, they got very tired and exhausted especially Edward who has not even eaten any thing since that day.


They got to the side of a big tree inside the bush and settle down to have a little rest before continuing their journey.


– Edward: thanks for saving my life. Matthew: its really nothing. I can’t forgive my self if i dare let that happen.


Edward: okay. But where are we heading to.


Matthew: Edy, you have to be strong, we still have miles to go before getting out of this thick wood.


Edward: where did this bush leads to?


Matthew: the path we are taking leads to civil area.


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