Sun. May 12th, 2024

Matthew: i knew the guy very well because we schooled together.


Edward: did you know his name?


Matthew: come on Edward, this is no time for question!


Edward: i am sorry. (He apologised. Thomas looked more serious at the particular moment. He bent toward him and said).


Matthew: but you have one thing to promise me before i get you released.


Edward: what is that? Is it money? Just let me get out of here, you will receive a cool cash that will help you start life afresh.


Matthew: the money isn’t my problem.


Edward: then what!


Matthew: will you take it easy, you are shouting.


Edward: i am sorry. So what really is your problem? Matthew tried answering the question but was cut sort by the appearance of one of the kidnappers.


Eduado: hey, man you are haveing a conversation with him?


Matthew: just trying to ask him about their wealthyness whether to increase our ransom, or leave it at the spot.


Eduado: my man


. See your life, you love money well , well.


Matthew: you know, the ransom we even ask is even too small from the reply he gave me.


He lied and trikishly winked at Edward who understood what he meant.


Eduado: okay. I am off to a party take care.


Matthew: okay bye


. Just arrange a sharp babe for me o.


Eduado: naughty boy. (Then he went off. Matthew followed to make sure he was off. Then returned after some minutes and continued his discussion with Edward.)


Matthew: look Edward, i want you to promise me that after you get outta here, you will never bother my gangs.


Edward: okay, deal. But they will be comeing after me.


Matthew: don’t worry. I will always give you alert.


Edward: thanks.


. So how much are you expecting.


Matthew: i just requested my safety nothing more.


Edward: may be, you will have to quite this work and i offer you decent one.


Matthew: that’s good of you. But its not gona be easy. Just think on a way of getting outta here. One more thing, no more questions, just follow my commands.


– Edward: okay.


– Then Matthew went out to verify if some one was around, he saw none so he went toward to untie him.


he got hold of the rope and was about to untie him when he heard a voice.


– Eduado: hey did i left my phone here?


– Matthew panicked on hearing his voice. His heart skipped a beat immediately. But out of all, he manage to cover up.


– matthew: i Did not remember seeing you with phone in here.


Eduado: okay, i gotta search in the other room. May be i left it there.


Matthew: okay, i am still waiting for my babe oo. Just tell the prettiest of them all to meet me at my apartment tomorrow morning.


Eduado: see monkey wants to piii human with black pump.


Matthew: don’t you know i am your senior.


Eduado: senior monkey. Look if i were you, i will just guard this man here very well. He is now the Boss.


Matthew: hmm, go and look for your phone jaareh.


Eduado: hahaha!


– Then he left. After some time, Matthew checked around and no body was near.


He quickly untied him then the both off them sneaked out of the room together with Matthew leading.


When they were half way at the passage, they began to here foot step approaching them.


And beside them was an old cabinet.


They quickly hid behind it as they watch closely at the owner of the foot steps.


The kidnapper walked and passed them heading to the room where they had kept Edward.


Matthew knew that if per-adventure he gets there, both him and Edward will be in a very big trouble because he will sound an alarm.

So to prevent that from happening, he ran up to him and gave him a hard hit at the skull which made him collapse on the unconscious with out seeing the actual person who did that to him.


He returned to Edward and they continued sneaking out.


When they were out of the building, he scanned every cover to know where security is tight and where not.


At the gate, two goons were busy chatting together with gun hunged at their back.


At the other side was also one who stood like a complete solder.


He looked at his left and was three who was playing games.


With all he saw, he knew that security is tight and there will be no way for them to escape through there.




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