Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Soon the news spread wide that Edward was kidnapped.

Every one became very sad most especially every one close to him.

Which includes Thomas and his family, Sandra, anita, Charles and most especially, his father Johnson and his lovely sister nikky.

Since nikky learnt that is brother was abducted, her appatite for eating left her, she can’t even concentrate in her work.

He suggested to her dad to pay off the amount so that his brother would be set free and unharmed.

But Johnson did not want to listen. Since the Dpo had assured him that nothing wronge will happen.

.Not long, he got another call again. It was those kidnappers. This time around, they sounded more deadly than the other time, warning him about the time left. Johnson was terified, he ran to the police station and informed the DPO on what they had said earlier again. The DPO still gave him assurance that nothing will go wronge.

**** EDWARD *****

that faithful day, he was in his car riding to the studio for their music when a car in high speed overtook and crossed him.

Immediately, a gang of boys jumped down from the car each with a gun.

They had mask on their faces and all was in the same attire of black and black. They pointed gun at him immediately.

Edward was so afraid. He just raised his hands in the air.

The kidnappers opened the door of his car and dragged him into their own car but not without tieing his eyes with a piece of black handkerchief.

Then they drove away.

Next they him tied up to a chair at a place he did not know. the men was beside him wa smoking cigarette.

He can’t believe it that really, he is now victim of kidnap.

Some thing which he only hear in story and watch in movies.

That one of the disadvantages of being rich.

He thought within his mind.. He prayed silently in his mind so that some thing bad won’t happen to him.

Soon another man entered.

He acted like the head of them and others respected him

He walked straight to him and gave him a resounding slap first before speaking to him. .

Andy: did you know who we are?

Edward: no. He said sobbing.


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