Wed. May 29th, 2024

toward evening, Johnson was busy with the police investigating on what might had happened when he got a strange call.


The number wasnt registered in his phone so He was very scared to pick the call but the D.p.o encouraged him to do just that.


He then picked the call and waited for the caller to speak first.




an unfriendly voice barked.


– Johnson: hello who are you?


Andy: am i speaking with Mr.johnson?


Johnson: sure e e … Any problem.


Andy: hahahaha!!! Man their is no problem


. But if you fails to co-operate with us, then their is huge problem.


Johnson: what did you mean by that?


Andy: we have your son here with us. If you really love him, you gotta prove it.


Johnson: getting upset) what the hell are you talking about?


Andy: this is no time for getting angry. Just pay the ransom of fifty million and have him back.


Johnson: what?


Andy: sure! And after this week if the money was yet to be brought, i will have him killed. Understand!


Johnson: (trying to beg) sure, but please don’t harm him for me please. I will send the money to you.


Andy: better but if you try to play wise by involving the police, i swear, you gotta regret it because you will loose your son, and your family intirely will be in danger. Trust me.


– Then he cutted the call


. And Mr. Johnson be began to cry.


– Dpo: hey sir, what happened. Johnson: he was really kidnapped.


Dpo: i told you so.


Johnson: and they are demanding the sum of fifty million


DPO: Fifty million what!!! Don’t worry, i will do every thing to get your son free from them.


Johnson: sir, you need not to bother. They said they will have him killed also with my family if i dear involve the police.


DPO: i said relax, don’t worry, we knows how to deal with that.


Johnson: but i am scared.


Dpo: just trust me. There is nothing to be afraid of. We are going to start our work right away.





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