Sat. Feb 10th, 2024

Mr. Titus: em i think thats a perfect idea.


Dandy: yea


Mr.titus: we have to start making some arrangement for it.


Dandy: that’s true.


. .


Then they began to smile at each other.


The fact that Edward is now working in an office doesn’t means that he had neglected singing.


Main while he is now popular over the town for his beautiful interesting songs. People always rush his albums and each time he drops new tracks, they eagerly rush them.


One peculiar thing is that he do no sing alone, he maintained his twin Thomas and together they gain popularity.


They were planning on a new song to sing.


Edward has already composed it and according to them, the song was the best they had ever sang.


After organizing the amazing song with Thomas, they decided to go to the studio the following day so they can add instrument to it.


The following day, Thomas got their first at the exact time they had agreed and then began to wait for Edward who he did had called few minutes ago with the reply. ‘


“i am on my way.”


he waited for several more minutes yet he still had not showed up.


His patient was tensed up then he re-dialed his number again and this time, it was currently switched off.


He tried several times more but could not reach him.


After few more minutes of patiently waiting, he jumped into his car and started heading towards his office.


He was barely half way when he saw his car carelessly park beside the road


. Its door was widely opened.


His heart skipped double beats immediately he saw it.


He parked his car one side of the road and jump down to know exactly what is going on.


He went round the car taking clearer view of the car.


The two front doors was widely and carelessly open, the windscreem was almost broken yet the car key was still at its spot.


He was certainly sure that that was Edwards car and no one else.


Then he began to ponder on what might have happened.


At length, he decided to call sir.johnson and inform him about the incident. They began a conversation immediately he pick up his call. .


Johnson: hello, tom is every thing alright? This one you are calling me today.


Thomas: uncle nothing is alright at all.


Johnson: what? Why! I mean , why did you say so?


Thomas: sir, its about your son.


Johnson:( surprise) my son? YoU mean Edward?


Thomas: who else uncle other than him.


Johnson: what happen to him?


Thomas: i can’t figure it out but certainly sure that some thing is wrong some where


Johnson: stood up from his office chair angrily) what the heck are you talking about? – He shouted on top of his voice.


– Thomas: uncle, i suggest you over here and see for your self.


– He gave him the address before hanging up the call. Within few minutes, he arrived at the spot and packed his car one corner of the road then came down to know exactly what happened.


– Thomas: uncle, i saw the car exactly like this. (He said as soon as he reached the car.)


Johnson: what the heck happened here? Where is my son?


Thomas: sir, i don’t know. That is why i called you.


Johnson: oh my God!


– He exclaimed and then began to dail Edwards number with his phone but it wasn’t reachable.


Then Johnson began to shout on top of his voice causing the attention of passer by.


Soon people gathered at the scene to know what was happening.


You know nah, they will began to talk some thing or the other.


Some suggested he was kidnapped, some said that may be the car spoilt he then went through a taxi, some said he was just trying to scare them some suggested maybe it was an accident and so on.


A man helped to drive the car home after waiting for several minutes for him to return with out progress.


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